5 Christmas Gifts For Your Wife

Trying to chose a Christmas gift for your wife is, sometimes, like walking through a minefield…one wrong step and KABOOM! Below are 5 examples of good and bad – (really bad!) gifts for your wife at Christmastime. Put a bit of thought into the gift and try to see it from her perspective…don’t go in like a bull in a China shop. Green for good – Red for bad!

For those cold nights sat in front of the telly or curled up on the sofa with a good book, these heatable slippers will be all toasty inside. Her feet will thank you for considering of such a thoughtful gift!

Come on, Guys! He may look cute and all…but a vacuum cleaner? For Christmas? Seriously? Can you imagine the shock on her face? This is 2019 and you have to get with it! Vacuum cleaner, indeed!

Fabulous idea! The Kindle Paperwhite can hold thousands of books and the battery lasts for weeks. Not only that, it’s waterproof so can be taken into the bathroom and you don’t need the light on to read! What a Christmas gift this is!

Expect a few more Brussel sprouts in your Christmas dinner if you buy her a weight loss book! You really are playing with fire if you go down this route. Even if she asks for one, don’t do it! Stay away from the very idea!

Practical, stylish and very nessessary with our weather. You may not think this would be a good idea for a Christmas present for your wife, but it shows you care about her when she’s out and about. There are cheaper inside-out brolly’s around, but you’re not cheap are you?

Oh, Good Lord! Never is a right time to produce a gift of Anti-wrinkle cream, especially at Christmas! What are you trying to say? Expect this to be thrown hastily back in your direction along with the Christmas Tree and assorted decorations.

A good book, especially if it’s lighthearted and in keeping with this happy time of year, will enchant here. Like the above, if she’s a cat lover then this will go down a treat. Perfect for a stocking filler.

So…you’re saying she needs to spend more time in the kitchen, are you? Or maybe, her cooking isn’t up to scratch so perhaps a slow cooker will improve things? What about your cooking, mate? Is it Egon Ronay style? If it is, then why are you gift wrapping a sodding slow cooker as a Christmas gift for your beloved wife? Sheesh!

You can’t go wrong with Burt’s Bees. It’s the gift of nourishment and care. This set includes hands, feet and body cream with Burt’s famous lip balm. From experience, I know this is a winner

Hmmm? You’re buying a Christmas present for your wife and you think a cuddly toy is the answer, do you? She’s your wife…you know, an adult woman of the world. Don’t do it.

A Word to the wise:

Remember, it’s the thought that counts…mostly! Putting just a little effort into the Christmas gift for your wife doesn’t need to be hard. You know her better than anyone, so you should know what she likes. Don’t go down the route of buying stuff a hubby is traditionally expected to buy their wife. If you’ve already bought any of the above-right, go return it now…you’ve still got time!