8 Reasons to Buy an Artificial Christmas Tree

artificial christmas treesWhy buy an Artificial Christmas tree?

Here are 8 reasons why you should maybe invest in an Artificial Christmas tree this year and a breakdown of the reasons later.

  1. You Have a Dead Plant in your Living Room
  2. Disposal of said Tree
  3. All those Needles!
  4. Logistical Nightmare
  5. Cost…How Much???
  6. The Right size?
  7. Sneezing, Runny Nose & Asthma!
  8. It’s looks like a REAL Christmas Tree!

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Artificial Christmas Tree Love!

Well, firstly if you have a real Christmas tree sat there in the living room, what you are actually seeing is a dead plant! As soon as the tree is cut down it obviously dies.

Pretty sad when you think about it! They are, of course farmed and should be properly sustained, but there’s no getting away with the fact that it once was a living perennial tree and is now AS dead as a door-nail!buy artificial christmas tree

That brings us to the second reason. How do you get rid of the tree after it’s served its purpose? Probably thrown out unceremoniously into the back garden awaiting a trip to the tip. Or if you’re the recycling type it’s a trip to the recycling center to have it shredded to make new stuff…but what about all those needles in the back of your car? You will still be finding them for many years to come!

Now the third reason for considering an Artificial Christmas tree this year…the annual drop of the thousands of needles that seem to embed themselves for dear life in your carpet. A slight brush from the dogs tail or a scramble to get to the goodies that lie underneath can bring an avalanche of little spiky needles ready to play hide and seek in your flooring.

The fourth reason is the journey and then transportation and return of finding this years Christmas Tree that fits your satisfaction. Is your car big enough? Will you crush and break the branches in transit? Will the neighbours think you’ve gone mad unloading a Christmas tree, of all things, from your car in mid November?

And the fifth reason…the cost!! A decent Christmas Tree, or even an inferior one, can cost a bomb these days as the marketers pump up the cost because it’s ‘that time of year‘! Buying by the foot is pretty alarming when you add up the big 7-footer being eyed by the kids!

Then there’s the sixth reason why you should buy an artificial Christmas tree…is the real one you’ve just ferried 20 miles and paid a fortune for, big enough to fit in the corner of your lounge…or worse, is it too small? It looked the right size propped up against all the others!

The seventh reason could be that you’re allergic to the mould that is in your real Christmas tree. It’s a real condition – Christmas Tree Syndrome – and can set off a bout of asthma, runny noses and sneezing. The mould is always on the tree, but goes to work in earnest when it’s in a warm cozy atmosphere…like your front living room!

And the eight reason why you should consider an artificial Christmas tree this year is that a real Christmas Tree rarely look like the real thing! If that sounds weird, think of the natural look of a Christmas Tree in it’s natural habitat…then look at the one sat rather embarrassingly in the corner of you lounge. There are the usual gaps, irregular shaped branches going off in all directions and the lower half seems to be bowing a little too determinedly for your liking…and how are you going to fix the fairy on top of that bent summit? The fairy always looks as she’s in mid flight or thinking of taking a dive!

Just 7 reason there on why you should go for an artificial Christmas tree this year…lets look at the benefits:

Benefits of an Artificial Christmas Tree

The number one benefit is the fact that they actually look like a real Christmas tree…more than real ones in some cases! The branches are strong enough to hold more than one bauble, the circumference is relative to the tree height and it won’t pitch to one side.

There are no known Christmas tree allergies that come with an artificial Christmas tree…you can even dust it or wipe it clean if you so desire.

When Christmas is over, you can simply pack it away for next year, not only saving you the trouble of arranging a shredding but saving you all the hassle and expense the following year.

No needle drop. Your flooring will be free of those spiky needles forever! Your vacuum will thank you.

It’s cheaper too…As an artificial Christmas tree that cost, say £60, will last for around 15 years, it constitutes a massive saving. 15 years at £30 a pop for a decent real one is £450! A huge saving and without all the trouble that comes with buying a real Christmas tree.

You also have the benefit of being able to size up the artificial Christmas Tree before you buy it. Measurements are freely available in their descriptions, so no more hoping and guessing you got it right.

The shape, size and colour can be chosen without leaving your house and then it can be delivered in a nice tidy box.

The only thing missing by having a real Christmas tree and an artificial one is the pine smell, but that’s a small sacrifice when all things are considered. You could even get a Christmas tree aroma candle or even a spray if you miss it that much or even a scent that sits within the tree branches for that real Christmas tree aroma.

So there you can see 8 valid reasons why, perhaps, you should consider an artificial Christmas tree this year, and for many years to come.

Here is a selection of some very realistic Christmas trees available to size up, view and have delivered from Amazon. There are plenty of reviews on these artificial Christmas trees so you can mull over which one would suit you.

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How about When Christmas is Over?

Bosmere G380 Christmas Tree BagCheck Price


When you put your Artificial Christmas tress away each year, it can be a bit of a trial trying to fit it all back into it original box, but fear not.

This is a Christmas Tree Holdall that is designed for artificial Christmas trees. It’s more flexible than a cardboard box and the tough polyethelene casing won’t see the branches ripping through anytime soon.

The zippers are strong and the holdall comes with carrying handles for easy transportation.

The whole artificial Christmas tree can then be put away for storage in your loft, garage or spare room, until next year.