christmas crackeredHey, Hey, Hey! Welcome to Christmas Crackered!

This little website is all about the slightly crazy part of Christmas…the overboard, the bright, the merry. I sort of celebrate Christmas all year round and can watch any Christmas movie or listen to any Christmas song even when it’s in the eighties outside!

Some of the things on the Christmas Crackered website are for the more ‘obsessed’ yuletide fan…such as staggeringly festive jumpers, or huge outdoor Santas and maybe those of us who like to take our cocoa out of a Rudolph mug complete with antlers!

Think of Clark Griswold and you’ve more or less got me. I love having the hap-hap-happiest of Christmases, going totally overboard with the festive season.

My decorations are up on December 1st, inside and out, much to the consternation of my loving, but under sympathetic wife. My son, who is at uni, is apt to only going outside when it’s dark and only in full disguise…I can’t understand his shyness?

I’ve waited for years to put up a website about Christmas goodies and have finally got around to doing it. I waikted until 2014, but should have started years earlier!

So, if you see anything quirky enough to go on the Christmas Crackered website, please let me know…although, my plan is to have as much Christmas Craziness on here for you to not notice anything missing! I’m bound to overlook something though, perhaps a Grinch bauble that was overlooked, or maybe that 9 foot Frosty the Snowman eluded me…? Though I doubt it!

So, with that I wish you all a very Merry Christmas from me here at ChristmasCrackered.co.uk!