Almost Christmas – The Film (Bleak!)

Almost Christmas is not what you would call a cheery festive film! It left us here at Christmas Crackered in a rather gloomy gloomy frame of mind…which left us reaching for the Christmas Vacation DVD in order to re-balance the xmas atmos!almost christmas

This post reveals spoilers from the movie Almost Christmas, so don’t read if you haven’t seen the film yet. If you have, see if you agree or disagree…comments welcome!

I thought I would continue my Christmas film extravaganza by watching at least one movie every day until Christmas Day. Today I watched a trailer for the film ‘Almost Christmas’ or ‘All is Bright‘ as titled in America and beyond. The trailer looked entertaining and even…funny. So I made my mind up to watch the full movie….boy! I wish I hadn’t bothered!

I came away in a morose mood and found the movie to be exactly the opposite of Christmas cheer.

almost christmasThe story revolves around a serial thief by the name of Dennis (Paul Giamatti) who’s just been released on parole after 4 years in the clink. He arrives back at his home to find his wife Therese (Amy Landeker) has told their young daughter he was dead and she, herself, wanted nothing to do with him. She had found new love in Dennis’s best mate Rene (Paul Rudd).

Obviously not a good situation to be in. Anyway, Dennis meets up with Rene, punches him and takes partnership with the said Rene in selling Christmas trees in New York. Times are hard for everyone in the town and money is at a premium. So Rene, racked with guilt, grudgingly agrees to take Dennis with him to the Big Apple and share the money.

Rene pays the $3k for the trees and they set off. Bored yet?

In a nutshell, Dennis, over time, kinda forgives Rene for taking his wife. They get robbed of the takings, around $27k, and decide to rob a grand piano for Dennis’s daughters Christmas present. A window was left open by the Polish maid that Dennis had befriended to the very house where the piano sat.almost chritmas dennis and rene

Anyway, they steal the Joanna, highly unlikely by the way they do it too. Taking a grand piano apart in the dead of night and then loading it onto a truck parked right outside the open window…on a still winters night, does take some believing!

The present gets to the daughter, placed on the snow outside her house, on Christmas morning. Rene and Therese sit all lovey-dovey on the step whilst the girl plays piano. Dennis looks on from a distance and then walks away with the end titles.

Almost Christmas Verdict

None of the characters are likeable, especially the star Dennis. He rude, gruff and a thief. Perhaps he was meant to play it that way. There is no feel good factor in the movie whatsoever. Thieves stealing for a little girls Christmas present and getting away with sends out a wonky vibe.

Nothing at all is seasonal in ‘Almost Christamas, even the Christmas trees look depressed. They couldn’t have picked a more dour set to make the film…it’s all very anti-Christmas. I think this is the feeling the film wanted to give out…depressing!

I love my Christmas films but this is not one I’ll be watching again anytime soon.

I’ll give 2 out of 10 for the only engaging character in the whole film which was the Russian maid played by Sally Hawkins, who was at least, interesting.

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