Argos Christmas Ad 2018 Has Arrived!

Argos Christmas Ad 2018

It seems Argos has fired off the first shot in the great Christmas telly advert battle that’s going to be upon for the next 7 weeks.

The Argos Christmas ad for 2018 features an orange imp hell-bent of spoiling Christmas. The little character is known as ‘The Christmas Fool’. The video is at the botttom, down below.

Now, the imp is a little creepy for my liking and, I think, represents the gremlin that helps things go wrong in the build up to Christmas. The little devil brings rain, makes all the needles fall of the Christmas tree, pinches the instructions to a flat-pack, shorts Christmas tree lights and hides the sellotape when trying to wrap presents…all the things that actually happen!

But, with all the little drama’s this imp brings, Christmas goes ahead anyway (a little nod to the Grinch there) and everyone still enjoys the big day.

Word of warning and a spoiler for the squeamish out there, our little anti-hero manages to get squashed against the front door when an Argos delivery is made to a customer. Don’t worry though, no one was really hurt!

And there was no blood.

As well as the little Imp causing havoc, Argos gives a heads-up that all their collection is now available at Sainsbury’s. Surely the game of shopping at Christmas will soon be, with all these mergers, Monopoly?

Anyway, the ad is around a minute and a half long and will undoubtedly have several version leading up Christmas Day.

The main message here is, let Argos take care of Christmas for you. Delivery can be same day or, have all your Christmas presents ordered online and then collect them from your local Argos store.

With Amazon going into overdrive with online shopping too, I guess the High Street will suffer once again. I used to love shopping at Christmas time with all the crowds, the hustle and bustle, the pushing and shoving, the traffic, the rain, the…oh, wait. No I didn’t!

I will be doing all my Christmas shopping online again this year.

Yes, it’s a great shame for those High Street stores, especially the smaller, independent ones, but ‘times they are a changing’ and there isn’t a thing we can do about it!

argos christmas 2018 ad

Well, we can, but who has the time (and will) these days to go rummaging around shops that sell basically all the same thing? And if you can get it cheaper online, and delivered, then it’s one less Christmas Fool to worry about.

The Argos Christmas Ad 2018 is the start of an avalanche of ads being lined up for the telly box. I long for those old Woolworths ads that featured folk like Leslie Crowther, Kenny Everett, the Goodies and Paul Daniels et al…but I’m showing my age now!

Needless to say, the Christmas ads will be great in the build up to the big day, but how many of us will be wilting come December 21st?

Next up, the John Lewis ad. And the Coke Cola Truck…it’s coming!