Articulate The Fast Talking Description Game Review

Articulate Board Game

articulate-the-fast-talking-description-game-for-ukArticulate The Fast Talking Description Game is the game that challenged and then beat Trivial Pursuit for top UK board games!

The game is both hilarious and frustrating and can make the brightest most articulate person seem a dimwit!

You are given a card with a word on that you must describe without actually saying it. No ‘rhyming words’ or ‘sounds like’ and you have to do it within 30 seconds.

Much harder than you think! Imagine getting a card with the word ‘vote’ for instance.

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The Articulate board game itself is very colourful and easy to play and set up. The game has 300 cards with 6 categories on each of them including Object, Nature, Random, Person, Action and World. The best way I can describe this fast talking description game is to use a video review below.

As you can see, Articulate! is a game that can get everyone involved with some pretty hilarious results. Can you imagine your clever Uncle Peter failing miserably to describe the word ‘cardboard’ to his totally bemused team partner nephew?

It’s a game that can run and run and it’s no surprise that it’s been in the Top 10 boards game in the UK every Christmas since it’s arrival way back in 1992.

More Articulate Versions

There is also Articulate For Kids along with Articulate Your Life.  If you ever run out of cards, then there are extra packs that are easily available.

Articulate The Fast Talking Description Game, is one of those board games that will be around forever, just like Trivial Pursuit and Pictionary, and will become a favourite among friends and family.

If you’re struggling to think up what game you can play for your seasonal get together, then this could be your answer. Perfect for both kids and adults alike…including Uncle Peter!