Best Christmas Hampers Online and How to Search

Trying to chose the best Christmas hampers online can be a thankless task, but when the very best are all together in one place, the task is so much easier.

For instance, a quick browse with the search term ‘Christmas Hampers‘ over at throws up nearly 3000 results! You can then sort by what type of hamper you want, such as gift hampers, chocolate hampers, cheese hampers and a huge list of other hampers that are not only for Christmas.

Let me walk you through how I came up with my perfect Christmas hamper that took only 5 minutes to choose.

First, obviously, go to, then search ‘Christmas Hampers’ in the search box and click on ‘Grocery’ from the list that appears.

best christmas hampers online

You will then see the main Christmas Hampers page. Now, I want a hamper that has very good reviews. Some of the hampers are new, so won’t have any reviews, but I always want to find one or two that have real human input that I know will great quality.

best christmas hampers starsSo, I then scroll down the page until I see the ‘Avr. Customer Review‘ on the left. I then click on the one with the most stars, in this case 4 and above. There are 149 hampers available at the time of writing. This brings up the best ‘4 stars and above’ Christmas Hampers that have been reviewed by real people.

Now, I don’t want to pay more than £100 for my Christmas hamper, but I want one that is pretty decent. By the way, some of these Hampers go up to nearly £1000! I won’t be paying that, but some of you may be in a position to do so…so I thought I’d mention it and it also goes to show Amazon are a great supplier of the best Christmas Hampers!

So, I scroll down again until I see ‘Price‘ and I enter £50 to £100 and click go.
best christmas hampers to buy online price

That now brings up 18 of the best Christmas hampers that have 4+ star reviews and are priced between £50 and £100 and now I can quickly browse through which ones are visually appealing and are the price range I want to pay.

Straight away I see the one that looks promising. It’s the right price and looks good.The best christmas hampers online final

So I click on it and read the reviews.

The reviews all sound great and it comes with free delivery too. I also note that it is sold by Hay Hampers who are a huge hamper supplier and the delivery is via FedEx, which means it will get here on time and will also be tracked. Not bad for Free Delivery!

My mind is made up.

My Best Christmas Hampers Choice

The Christmas hamper I’ve chosen has everything I would want including wine, coffee, fruit cake, Christmas pudding, cheese, pate and a whole host of other goodies. You can see my chosen Christmas Hamper here.

The hamper is non perishable, so I can order when I want, but for now I will just pop it into my Wishlist and save it with all my other potential Christmas purchases. Instead of ‘buy now‘ I click the add to ‘add to wishlist‘.

my best christmas hamper

And there it is in my wishlist ready to buy when I’ve added a few more items that I need for Christmas. I find this a very useful tool by Amazon because how many times have you seen something you like or need and then click away? I done it countless times and ended up searching all over again.

With this little system, all my goodies are ‘locked in’ and I can buy them all at once if I want to. There’s nothing like being organized.

I could, of course, buy the Christmas hamper right now and have it in plenty of time for Christmas. The goodies inside are all non perishable so there’s no way things can go off from now until Christmas.

best christmas hampers uk

So, with 5 minutes of searching I’ve found my perfect Christmas hamper and it’s all ready to go and done with.

best christmas hamper brandWith this search system, you can break it down even further. If you have a particular favourite brand, you can tick on them in the ‘brands‘ section.

Say you only want to see Christmas hampers from Lakeland, well you can. Clicking the box will show all the hampers made from that brand.

So instead of hitting up Google and going through each and every ‘Best Christmas Hampers‘ supplier, try an [easyazon_link identifier=”B002V44YDM” locale=”UK” tag=”christmascrackered-21″]Amazon search[/easyazon_link] and pick what you want and how much you want to pay.

This search took me 5 minutes and I have a Christmas Hamper that has a great rating, is within my price range and will be delivered in plenty of time for Christmas. Why complicate things?

My apologies if this post seems a little condescending, but I’ve found this search system to be very useful in the past. It saves a lot of time and saves and a lot of umming and ahhing! It gets the job done quickly.

Also, not everyone knows how to search for the best deals or even knows how to search on Amazon. Although Amazon is HUGE, there will always be a new visitor to the site and I hope my explanation of a search, in this case ‘Christmas Hampers’ will benefit someone.

Or if you just want to get to Christmas Hampers right now….Just Click Here!

Merry Christmas!