Bring Me Chocolate Socks For The Chocolate Lover!

Luxury Combed Cotton

Perfect for the festive season and a novel way to ‘suggest’ you’re in need of choccy!

Made of luxury combed cotton in a trainer style, these non-slip socks will make any chocoholic happy this Christmas.

Or maybe you just want them for yourself to drop a hint to the other half when the craving hits home!

These ‘Bring Me Chocolate’ socks are available in US sizes 6-10, but can really be termed as ‘one size fits all’. They’re machine washable and come in white. Get Them Here…

There are other socks in the ‘If You Can Read This…‘ range as below, so there’s plenty of choice to choose from. The ones here are from Amazon UK and have free delivery if you’re a Prime Member.

Great for a stocking filler or as an addition to the hundreds of prezzies you’re going to get her! If socks are not your gift of choice, then take a look at some more ideas here.

bring me chocolate socks chocolate

From Skins to Bring Me Chocolate Socks!

It’s funny how socks have evolved over the years from animal skins to novelty Christmas socks. Early on, some unfortunate beast would have been trapped, skinned and shaped into a foot…what a way to end your existence! Later on, socks would have been styled as a lightweight type of shoe for indoors and it wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century that they became mass produced.

They eventually became fashionable using all sorts of materials and colours from silk to wool to synthetic and when you think that a town in China produces 8 billion pairs of socks a year, you realise this is BIG business for such a small piece of clothing…in fact your could say it’s a major feat!