Bring The Cracker Back Into Christmas!

christmas crackers tradition

How do you buy your Christmas Crackers? Do you shove them in your shopping trolley as you do your big Christmas shop? Or do you take a bit of care when selecting, making sure they look the business on the Christmas table?

Either way, let’s be honest here, the entertainment value is not as it once was. Remember the days when everyone was made to wear the paper hat? Nowadays, it seems only the folk clinging on to that old tradition does it now…those over 50, probably!

Such a shame, it was a real part of Christmas dinner when was I was a sapling. All I see at the Christmas dinner table now is impending surliness from the teens as they know this crazy old tradition will leave them mortified with embarrassment!

Make them go through it, I say! It’s Christmas! And make them play with those plastic toys, whilst you laugh heartily as they read out the side splitting joke! Watch them cringe!

Anyway, whatever the mood at the Christmas table, the crackers will be there, it wouldn’t be Christmas dinner without them.

So whether you pay a fortune for your crackers at Harrods or drop them in your shopping trolley at a fiver a go when rushing around Asda, they are still very much a part of Christmas.

Here, there are 5 boxes of Christmas Crackers that are rather smart. They are all readily available in most towns where you go Christmas shopping and they’re all pretty reasonable at around £10-£15 a pop.

Waitrose Gold/White Trees Crackers £10.00

waitrose christmas crackers

Waitrose? Posh, are we? Well, to be honest, Waitrose is rather a good shop and their crackers are very well priced at around a tenner.

You will also hear the whisper around the table from your guests as they say in hushed tones “They shop at Waitrose, cor!’ or “bit snobby, that, who do they think they are?

No matter, an impression has been made. This pack of Christmas Crackers come in 12’s and have the usual toys inside including, wait for it, a Moustache Pencil Topper! They work out at 83p a cracker. Waitrose Christmas Crackers

Marks and Spencer Frosted Fern £15.00

More posh Christmas crackers here, and probably the only place you can buy crackers at a petrol station! These are gold and silver and are proper festive.

These work out at £1.25 each and every cracker contains a gift, hat, joke and charade. Not sure what the charade is all about, but there is plenty of style oozing out of these crackers. M&S Christmas Crackers

There will be plenty of admiring glances from all corners of the table when these are rolled out. Oh, the anticipation of who is going to get the cookie cutter!

Debenhams - Christmas Family Crackers £10.00

debenhamd christmas crackers

Yes, Debenhams. They do other stuff other than perfumes, jeans and handbags, you now! These are very festive with Santa, Rudolph and Penguin style crackers waiting to be ripped apart.

All the usual goodies inside (not charade, though) including one of those red fish that curls up in the palm of your sweaty palm. Debenhams Christmas Crackers

These Christmas crackers work out at a bargain 83p a pull. Another box of crackers that will leave your guests a tad jealous leaving them to ponder whether they should exchange those Poundland crackers they got for the return visit.

John Lewis Luxury Christmas Crackers £15.00

Another high street shop that offer Christmas crackers (wonder if Grace Bros ever did this?). These have a touch of the Laura Ashley about them, but are in fact a part of the Rainbow Christmas Tree year (no, me neither).

Very nice and festive they are too with red and green bows which should fit in nicely with whatever your Christmas colour scheme is this year.

There is the added bonus of there being a water pistol included in one of these beauties…let chaos ensue! John Lewis Christmas Crackers

Cracker Symphony Musical Christmas Crackers £14.99

lakeland christmas crackers

I had to include this box of Christmas crackers, and although they work out at £1.87 each, they probably are the most entertaining.

Each cracker has a differently toned whistle along with a conductor’s baton and music sheet. The baton holder will point at the person who corresponds with the music sheet and, who in turn, toots their whistle, so producing a note. And so on.

There are 16 tunes included, so if the booze has been going down well, there could be hours of fun to be had…or a fist fight. Either way, it’s a novel idea! Lakeland Christmas Crackers

Rallying Cry For the Christmas Cracker!

So, I hope you can see, it’s not just about having a run of the mill Christmas cracker. The tradition only happens once a year and it’s one that is slowly getting pushed out.

I say, being a Christmas Cracker fan myself, let’s bring it back with style, let’s enjoy the moment and put a little thought back into this Christmas dinner tradition.

Hi-Ho Crackers Away!