Cheesy Christmas Jumpers You Will Love!

cheesy christmas jumpersIt’s become a bit of a tradition to wear the best cheesy Christmas jumpers you can! What I find ironic is that I’d happily wear the most outlandish, hideous and downright ugly Christmas jumper as a norm!

It must be me, because they’re treated as a bit of a joke? I can’t see it myself…I mean, what better way is there to embarrass your kids, or get instructions off your wife to walk 10 paces behind! They should enter into the spirit and be proud to be loud at Christmas!

Here, I’m going to go over why I think the Cheesy Christmas Jumpers here should be admired and worn without prejudice. Why they are Christmas personified and why you should wear them too.

The Best Cheesy Christmas Jumpers

ChristmChristmas Pudding JumperCheck Price

This is one of my favorite cheesy Christmas jumpers this year! What makes this one so special is its deep red colour, the big Christmas Pudding and the bright ‘Merry Christmas’ message to the front.

It’s so simple and traditional that it makes it very cheesy indeed! Wearing this leaves no one in any doubt that you’re a Christmas fanatic and not ashamed of people knowing it!

It takes some gumption to be seen in it, but what a cheerful message of Christmas it portrays…no silly catch phrase, no ‘Bah Humbug’ negativity, just a good old Christmas jumper that you should be proud to wear!

Available here at around £20 with Free Delivery

Unisex Snowman JumpeCheck Price

What makes these Cheesy Christmas Jumpers so great is the fact that most of them are unisex! So no excuse from the other half not to get involved!

This long sleeved beauty to the right features a big old snowman with a robin redbreast stood next to him. The overall colour is dark so the snowflakes really stand out.

Christmas only comes around once a year and it’s a great time to raise spirits (literally!) and get into the festive mood. It’s the only time of year where almost everyone is allowed to be a bit silly…it’s pretty much expected!

Where would you wear this one? Only at home or down the pub? I can see this fitting in almost everywhere and will put a smile on people’s faces…job done!

Men’s Jumper ChristmasCheck Price

Now this type of Christmas jumper takes me back to when I was knee high to a grasshopper. I remember my dad wearing one almost exactly like this back in the 70’s…only back then these styles of Cheesy Christmas Jumpers were all the rage and not looked upon as a novelty!

Ahhh, I remember the roaring fire, Christmas tunes being played on the wireless, the smell of pine from the Christmas tree, mum hitting the brandy like there’s no tomorrow…they were the days!

It seems that most men of the house wore these types of jumper around Christmas time…uncles, grandads, dads…all very proud to be seen in their posh new sweater.

Bring those days back, I say! Bring back the whole atmosphere of warmth and fun this Christmas by adorning one of these fantastic cheesy Christmas jumpers. Go on…you know you want to!

Reasons to Wear Cheesy Christmas Jumpers

You see…it’s all about letting yourself go every now and again and wearing cheesy Christmas jumpers is one way of doing just that! The festive season is to be enjoyed and a guide to not take life so seriously. We all need a break from the worries of life, so why not bring a bit of colour back to someones day as well as your own.

I know I’ll be showing off my Christmas jumper this year and I really think that if there wasn’t a Santa skiing down my chest on Christmas Day, it just wouldn’t feel like Christmas!

Here are a few more to whet you appetite this year. There are so many different patterns it’s going to be a hard job picking a favourite out, but it must be done!

Olaf Christmas JumperCheck Price3D Santa Suit JumperCheck Price

There are hundreds of them…hundreds! You can pick one that is traditional or maybe one with a modern feel like the Olaf one above. I’ve been wearing them for around 10 years now (not all year, you understand!) and always look forward to the reactions I get. I have 3 really Cheesy Christmas jumpers to choose from, but there’s always room for another!

cheesy Christmas Jumpers