Christmas Card Address Book

Christmas Card Address Book

Add Friends & Family to this Christmas Card Address Book

After listening to Mrs. Crackered um-and-ah every year about whether she’d sent a Christmas card to Mrs. Fanshawe, who she hasn’t seen or heard from for 20-odd years, I decided to get her this Christmas card list address book. It’s a full A-Z address book that will last her 10 years…so no more umming and ahhing.

It’s a good size, just a little bigger than your normal paperback, and has easily enough room to write in Mrs. Fanshawe’s rather posh address. Mrs. Crackered can now tick off when the Christmas card was sent, and whether the recipient has replied or not.

Christmas Card Record and Address Book

That’s the thing with Mrs. Crackered… although she apprears to be kind and generous, there is a streak of meaness running through her veins.

If a certain family didn’t send us a Christmas card last year, they won’t be getting one from us this year!

A blast of Bah! Humbug! methinks!

Keeping Track

She sends out, on average, 100 Christmas cards a year and it takes her a week or so trying to remember who sent us one last year. And the frustration of trying to remember who sent us the fancy, well thought-out one, can send her into a paranoidal frenzy!

“Who was that who sent us that expensive Christmas card last year…and did we send them one?

This can play on Mrs. Crackered mind for a good month or two.

Now she can keep track of those who did and those that didn’t…and there are over 400 address slots in this book!

With this Christmas card address book, she can tick off the lucky folk who she’s sent a card to,  and those who, woe betide, forgot us… for the next 10 years!

Christmas Card List Address Book

Below, you can see how easy this book is to use, and how useful this could be to anyone of the same paranoid mind as Mrs. Crackered.

The cover is very Christmassy and there’s a nice feel about it. You can also read more details about the Christmas Card Address Book over on Amazon.

I should now hear less of the umming and ahhing from Mrs. Crackered that tends to happen around this time of year. Now, if I could find a similar book for presents?

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