Christmas Decorations and a Christmas Bug!

The Christmas Bug with Christmas Decorations

Well, the Christmas Crackered household has been hit with the flu bug…or something like. Mrs Crackered is recovering from a bout of conjunctivitis, a heavy cold and a bad back, whilst myself have been suffering from a jagged sore throat that feels like I’ve been gargling on broken glass, a bunged up flu that saw me unable to pronounce words with the letters K, P, T and N in them and headaches that have can only be described as thunderous.

What a time for it to happen! It’s been like this for 2 weeks now and instead of a wreath on our front door we’ve painted a big black cross as I’m sure I’ve heard, or imagined, the sound of a hand-cart rolling by with someone ringing a hand bell shouting ‘bring out your dead’

Although I may have been hallucinating from the after effects of quaffing many pints of Night Nurse.

Even though we’ve been at deaths door, we still managed to get some decorations up in the living room and now it’s on its way to looking as festive as Santa’s grotto. This should have been completed in a day, but with me and Mrs Crackered having just enough energy to make a cup of tea, the decorating has had to be been done in stages.

The pics are only about 50% of the work to be done. The dressing of the main Christmas tree took 2 days alone, we really were suffering with our fluey ailments, often collapsing to our knees and crawling to bed. (Have I got your sympathy yet?)

But now, 2 weeks after the lurgy entered the Crackered towers it’s on its way out. A week ago, the flashing lights on the tree had to be set to solid because the shimmering cascade of twinkling colours was witnessed as an assault of violent lightning flashes that I’m sure made noises! My eyes and head couldn’t take it!

At least we’re over that and the twinkling can begin again in earnest with a simple push of the setting button on the plug.

So, hopefully, the next week should see us over the worst and back into Christmas mode. I hate feeling ill at Christmas time, I reckon it’s something they put in the water to make us buy medicines and stop us from enjoying ourselves too much…or that could just be the Night Nurse kicking in again.

Christmas Crackered Decorating the lounge

Half the room anyway. It may not be your traditional start to Christmas decorating, but there are things in these images that have been with us for years. The old Nativity scene, the old purple Santa and…a few Clark Griswold figurines!

I think when decorating your home, you should have plenty of memories intermingled with the traditional Christmas tat! We have several tree decorations that go back many years, ones the kids made at school. They’re a little dog-eared, but will always be placed on the tree no matter what.

Christmas decorations with the bug

Yes, the decorations may seem weird to some people, but it’s all about making it personal to you and your family. We even go as far as to put up posters of our favourite movies about the house.

As you can se below, there are 4 posters in our lounge which include Christmas Vacation, Home Alone. The Grinch and The Muppets Christmas Carol.

Christmas Movie Posters

So, there you have half of our Christmas decorations…I’m sure they’re not to everyone’s taste, but to Mr and Mrs Crackered, they’re memories of some fantastic Christmas’s of the past.

If we recover from the dreaded lurgy, I shall put more decorations up and post the outcome. Even typing this has reduced me to a feeble being…(what?…still no sympathy?)

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