Do It Yourself Cheap Christmas Garland

cheap christmas garland

Another delivery driver rapped the door today and delivered a do-it-yourself Christmas Garland for our mantelpiece…with lights. Now, this was a bit of a gamble, although a very cheap one. You see, this Christmas garland came in at under a fiver!

I wasn’t expecting much and, if it was that bad, I could always use it for something else, but I was really quite pleased with the outcome.

A Mantelpiece Christmas Garland that I had to put together myself for less than a fiver? Must be tat, right? Well, on first impressions, I was a little sceptical as to how I could make this bag of plastic and wire look anything like the pics on Amazon.

But, as you can hopefully see, it was a pretty good bargain!

christmas garland with lights for mantel

The bag contained a rather sorry looking 9ft length of green garland that looked rather cheap (well, what did I expect?) along with 24 little red poinsettia bows, 12 plastic pine cones, 6 snowflakes and a string of lights.

Now, on the description on Amazon, it said there were more bows, cones and snowflakes, but the amount I received were enough for our mantelpiece. I also noted that the price has risen to around £6, but it’s still cheap.

I unravelled the garland and bent it around and onto the mantelpiece. I then checked to see if the lights worked (they did) and set about fixing them to the garland.

Next, I tied the bows and pine cones to the garland and placed the snowflakes.

christmas garland with lights for mantelpiece

This is was a bit fiddly for my clumsy hands and a pair of reading glasses were needed. But I got there in the end. If I had left it to Mrs Crackered, the garland would have ended up at the top of the garden in a heap…patience is not one of her best attributes!

After finishing the job, I stood back and must say I was rather impressed! It looked pretty good, the only trouble is, I may have set it up too early as Mrs Crackered has a strict rule that no decorations go up before December 1st. But, taking it down may have caused all sorts of bother as the lights are set perfectly and the tied bows were all in the right place…so I left it up. It’s only a few days until the 1st, so Mrs Crackered would have to lump it!

mantel christmas garland with lights

Actually, she was really pleased and was happy to let me keep it in its place. Phew!

I added 3 Christmas stockings that were hung by brass snowflake hangers which I also picked up for a bargain. The stockings were under a tenner and the snowflake hangers were about £3 each. I will do another post on these when they go up, in earnest, in a few days, but I think they look great!

So, that’s the Christmas Garland sorted out for, at the time of purchase, less than a fiver!

The trees and the rest of the Christmas decorations go up this weekend, so expect a few more posts on our 2019 Christmas decorating efforts with more pics.

Christmas Garland for Mantelpiece with lights

The Christmas Garland was from a company called ZhongYe which does business from China, but the delivery was only 4 days, but if you want this Christmas Garland in the next week or so, it would be best to get a move on and I note the delivery dates are getting longer!