5 Christmas Gifts For Uni Students

In all honesty, when thinking about buying Christmas gifts for uni students, we could cut all that out and hand over a wad of cash…because that’s what they really want. But keeping the tradition alive and handing over lovingly wrapped Christmas presents should still be a part of everyone’s Christmas. With that, here are 5 great Christmas gifts for uni students and 5 that should probably be avoided.

A truly useful Christmas gift! The Echo Dot gives answers to difficult questions on the fly and is a great player of music. Students can hook up their Spotify account and link it all to a good Bluetooth speaker for 24/7 tunes. Great also for podcasts and news updates.

Music CD’s are a thing of the past, what with downloads and streaming. You may think it’s a good idea but where do students play CD’s these days? Also a bad idea if your music choice is really you trying to persuade them that music was better ‘back in the day’! Don’t go there!

Talking of good Bluetooth speakers, here’s one that fits the bill. Handy to carry around, waterproof and 15 watts of power. Link this with Spotify and you have everything at hand. Sounds are important to students and this makes it as easy as it gets.

A sound idea in principle, but even as simple as a crock-pot is to use, there is still a bit of faff about them. It will be used once, create a disaster and then be left in the cupboard without being cleaned! Years later, biology students will find it and use it as a case study.

Students love lighting…especially if it conveys a feeling of calm. These LED strip lights can be placed anywhere from around the TV to dark corners of the room. They can make a stark, squalid student room into area of peace and tranquility to suit almost every mood.

You may think it sensible to buy uni students clothing for Christmas, but in all reality it’s a bad idea. To them, it’s you stamping your style all over them and that ain’t good! A week after opening the gift of clothing, it will either be on eBay or used as a wipe-up cloth. Stay way from logo’s too…not cool!

With the amount of time students spend on their personal devices, something’s got to give, and that’s usually the battery. This charger has a powerful 10000mAh capacity that will be enough to keep a students device going for days. Easily portable and smart to look at. A winner all around.

This alarm clock look stylish and cool, but will it ever be used? Students rely heavily on their phones for….everything! Students these days have no grasp of night and day, so it makes the alarm clock pretty redundant as well as coming across as a pretty odd concept. Times are changing!

The extremely useful Kindle Paperwhite should be in all students backpacks. Very portable, sleek and holds thousands of books. This Kindle is also waterproof and has easy-on-the-eye lit background. A hive of information at their fingertips, so it’s probably the most important gift to give.

A great idea that will only be browsed through I’m afraid. With cheap supermarkets just around the corner and student deals on fast food, why would a typical uni student stand in a kitchen and cook? Everything has to be instant and easy these days.

A Word to the wise:

Buying Christmas gifts for students is harder than you think. You may want to press upon them what you would like them to have, but as we know, students like to do things there own special way. They want to be independent and show they don’t need advice from ‘the elders’. (even though we’ve been through it all and have experience in student life ourselves!)

No matter though as we’re sure the Christmas gifts for uni students on the left, above, will prove to be winners. The ones on the right might seem sensible and logical to you, but for the student…not so much!