5 Christmas Gifts For Your Boss

So… you like your boss and you want to show your appreciation by buying them a Christmas present. But how well do you know your boss? And what if the prezzie you bought offended them or even worse, made you look suspect as an employee? Below are 5 Christmas gifts for your boss that are both great and simply awful. Left are good, right…not so much!

All bosses love coffee, right? Well, with this Christmas gift you can give them a variety of coffee’s to try out. You never know, they might stumble upon the greatest coffee they’ve ever tasted and will, therefore, be forever in your debt! 

Be careful here! Although the Wine selection above would be great for a connoisseur, your boss may have a secret drink problem! And apart from that, everyone gives their boss booze…be different!

A very original idea, showing you are thinking outside of the box. This scratch map of the UK will enable your boss to chip away at all the counties they’ve been to and will look forward to scratching them off whenever they’re out and about on business. Shows vision

Really? You want to gift your boss stationary for Christmas? Who writes letters these days with all the emails and texting going on. And besides that, if they do have a letter to write, it’s not as if there isn’t any spare paper and envelopes hanging around the office, is there? Best leave this idea at home.

OK, your boss probably has a dozen mugs, but most are generic and boring. Present them with a funny, but not offensive mug, and they will always go back to it. Doing so will remind them of you every time they make a brew. 

Your boss has been good to you all year and helped you in certain situations and then you gift them an offensive mug. Who’s the mug? Some bosses can take it but some will take a dim view and may hold it against you. Be careful!

A desktop calendar is always useful and one that offers a little fun is even better. Dates are important to bosses with all the deadlines they have and a quick glance over at your calendar saves time going through their phones and emails. A thoughtful gift for your boss.

The above book would be great for future bosses, but not so much for someone who already IS a boss. This is saying, ‘Hey, you need to up your game, boss‘.  In fact, any ‘ self-improvement’ books could be seen as a slap in the face! A dangerous route to go down, indeed!

Your boss will, no doubt, take and receive lots of phone calls and this depletes their phone battery. Carrying around a slim, lightweight phone power bank could save the day. Your boss will forever be thankful to you if that quick charge they made helped seal an order. Rise, anyone?

Handing over a pot plant to your boss doesn’t relay the most original thought, does it? All it shows is that you were a bit rushed and grabbed the first thing you come across. Besides that, plants need care and attention and that means more work for your boss. What are you trying to say here?

A Word to the wise:

OK, buying Christmas gifts for you boss is a little tricky, but with a smidgen of thought it could turn out to be one of your best decisions. Get it wrong though and you could be heading to the back of the queue when it comes to promotion and praise! You won’t go wrong with the ideas above-left, but be wary of their opposites, unless of course, you don’t like your boss…that’s a whole new level of present giving, right there!