5 Christmas Gifts For Your Husband

Divided into 2 sections below are the good and bad ideas for Christmas gifts for your husband. These are a little different from a lot of ‘suggested‘ gifts that you’ll find on other websites. I saw one the other day for a toilet foot piano where you play tunes with your feet whilst sat on the loo. Really? Do husbands really deserve that? What does that say about your partner? Funny perhaps, but a total waste of money and has the longevity value of around one visit to the throne!

Here, Christmas Crackered lists 5 preferred gifts for hubby and 5 you should stay away from.

He will be able to take his music anywhere with this waterproof Bluethooth Speaker from Anker. There is nothing better than having music blasting out when showering, and with this speaker, it’s quite safe to do so. It will also silence a lot of other things too…so a win-win situation!

Christmas morning and your hubby is all exited to be unwrapping what feels like a solid prezzie. The paper is torn off in anticipation and….chocolate! Yes, chocolate is great, but as a gift for your husband, not so much. There’s plenty of chocolate in the cupboard already!

You can’t go wrong with gadgets! The Amazon Fire TV Stick will be hubby’s next best friend when he finds out he can watch Netflix and so much more… as well as having voice control! You may already have a Smart TV, but what about the one in the bedroom? This makes that TV a SMART TV!

Not a very imaginative gift, is it? OK, the husband is always in need of socks but he can pick a dozen up from Primark for a couple of quid and let’s face it, socks are not the most exciting item to unwrap. Men can have socks as old as the hills, so it’s not as if they’re on the most wanted list. Socks are…meh!

As the Mayor Augustus Maywho said to the Grinch “Ah, the gift of a Christmas shave”.  As long as it’s a good shaver, that is! the Braun Shaver above is a great example of a proper stubble stopper. And it’s a type of gadget and we know how much husbands love gadgets!

This might be OK for an avid gardener, but for your typical husband it’s perhaps not the greatest idea. This is telling him to get out there and work on that mess of a back yard. It’s almost the same as your hubby gifting you a saucepan. If you’re going the book route, then try books of derring-do and adventure…not gardening.

Back to the gadgets and the Echo Dot is a wondrous machine! It’s so clever and can be linked to a Bluetooth speaker so he can listen to music, podcasts and news all around the house. Ask it any question and you will get the answer. See hubby try to confuse Alexia at least 10 times a day!

Contrary to popular belief, beer is not a good Christmas gift. Already you will have enough booze around the house to rival the local pub, so adding more will only confuse hubby. The selection above is good, but for a prezzie opener, it will fall somewhat flat.

If you’re thinking of buying aftershave, go for a reputable brand with added class. The Armani Code spray is a safe bet. This is classy and although it’s not cheap, nor will the smell be. Hubby will be knocked over by your generosity and thought as he probably expected a supermarket brand instead!

Unless you like your hubby smelling like Del Boy, then leave the cheaper aftershaves alone! Although Brut is liked by many, it’s not something hubby will take kindly to. Only if he explicitly asks for Brut, then fine, but don’t surprise him if he’s never been in the presence of it before. Strong and an 70’s classic, but for today, hmm?

A Word to the wise:

You should be able to garner what your husband likes by now, so don’t go down the stereotypical route of buying him what everyone else is buying their husbands. It’s all about surprising him on the big day, but saying that, both left and right, above, will do that, but just in very different ways!

If you’re a husband and want to know what are good and bad Christmas gifts for your wife, then take a look at this post to see where you are in your evaluation of what makes an ideal Christmas gift for your wife.