The Best Christmas Radio Stations Online

The Best Christmas Radio Stations Online

Are you looking for Christmas music on tap? With these Christmas radio stations, you can fire up your laptop, PC or your incredibly smart phone and listen 24/7 to the festive cacophony going on inside of the Inteweb.

I work from home and mostly stare aimlessly at my monitor completing mundane tasks for a living, so I often need a bit of music to inspire me throughout the day…it helps.

I have a glorious little Bluetooth speaker connected to my desktop PC which blows out the tunes like a boss. It’s a marvellous invention and the sound is incredible for such a small box.

Anyway enough plugging the speaker, what about these radio stations you ask (probably?)

I’ve listed 5 below but my favourite has to be Santa Radio with good old Classic FM Christmas in second place. Santa Radio plays all the regular tunes you’re likely to hear over the festive period, whilst Classic FM plays lots of carols and classical tunes from the likes of Prokofiev et al.

There are Christmas radio stations popping up more often as we head towards December, and I will add more (if they’re good enough) as we move closer to the big day. I have listed 5 Christmas radio stations below and will give a small write up on each one as I listen to them and write this post.

Don’t be alarmed if there is a mistake or two along the way…doing two things at the same time often ends in tears (as Mrs Crackered keeps reminding me). We men folk supposedly struggle with such tasks, but I’m here to hopefully prove the theory wrong.

I have done my homework by trawling the net for Christmas radio stations that work…often they don’t. The ones below all gave out good festive tunes, but which one pleased me most?

Right, speaker on, Internet on, typing hands at the ready and away we go!

On the webpage, you’ll see a big mobile phone with a red play button and a message informing you how many sleeps ‘til Christmas, in this case is was 46.

There is lots to play with on their website with plenty of interaction, but I’m here to listen to the festive tunes, so what’s playing? It’s only Saviour’s Day by Cliff Richard! Oddly though, the ‘what’s playing’ tells me it’s Bill Nighy and ‘Christmas All Around’? Odd, might be a glitch, but I’m happy old Cliff’s doing the biz.

It’s a very slick website and you can even download the Santa Radio app onto your moby. I notice also that you can send in ‘shout-outs’ to be read out between songs. Much better than having those intrusive ads that some of the other stations play which we’ll come to shortly.

Santa Radio is also available on the Amazon Echo Dot, which is useful to know if you want to get more value out of this clever device.

Proper Crimbo by Bo Selecta has just come on, so it’s time to move on to the next Christmas Radio Station…sharpish!

Not to be confused with Santa Radio, as I did on a couple of occasions, Radio Santa has a play button right in the middle of the page and it is brought to me by

Playing is Frankie Goes To Hollywood and The Power of Love. I don’t rate this as a real Christmas song, OK, it was around at Christmas one time and the video was Christmassy, but, to me, it’s not a real festive tune. A bit, yeah, but not a proper one IMHO.

There’s not much to do on this website as opposed to Santa Radio, which is fine if all you want to do is have the music on in the background.

The Darkness has just come on and made my speaker nearly blow with ‘Don’t Let The Bells End’…a real Christmas tune and a favourite here at Christmas Crackered Towers.

I’ll listen to this all the way through to see is my suspicion is right about there being ads in between songs.

Nope, in fact Slade’s now belting out ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’. I’ll let this one play out just in case. Now onto Queen and Thank God it’s’ Christmas, so maybe no ads? Bonus!

There’s a 30-second ad that start when you press the play button for Homebase, so I let it play out and I’m greeted with the Carpenters rendition of ‘Sleigh Ride’. Nice.

There is nothing to do on this page but to just let it play out in the background. Smooth Radio is full of adverts between songs, so let’s wait and see if this happens after the song.

Yup! An Argos ad. Disappointing. Then a jingle. Now on comes ‘Silent Night‘. By someone…I don’t recognise the female voice and the website doesn’t tell me who it is? So I switch on my Soundhound app and find out its Lauren Daigle. Some of these apps are blummin’ marvellous! I wait to hear if there is another ad after the song is done.

No, just a quick Smooth Radio jingle and we’re greeted with Michael Buble and ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’. So perhaps the ads are every few records or so…but ads there are.

Onto the next Christmas Radio Station…

This website is VERY festive looking and has a few things to do, like get in touch with them, share your Christmas memories and so on. In the top right of the page is the ‘Listen Live’ button, so off we go.

A pop-up appears with the play button. First thing I hear is an ad for Homebase again.

I wait the 30 seconds tha ad takes to finish and on comes a Christmas song oin which I have no idea what it’s called or who it’s by, so out comes the Soundhound app again. I find out it’s ‘I’m Your Angel’ by R Kelly and Celine Dion. Hmm? Not my sort of Christmas tune with the slow warbling and elongated notes “I’m your Angeeeel-woo-woo-wooo-hooo’. Bit of a belly ache song, that one.

Will there be another ad once this dirge has finished?

No ad, but another belly ache of a Christmas song. Time for Soundhound again and this time it’s Chris Norman destroying Ave Maria. Maybe this Christmas Radio Station plays this kind of festive tune? If so, I can see me getting ratty if I let it go on for too long. Mrs Crackered even voiced her concern with a ‘make it stop!’ instruction.

With that, I go to the next station

I love a bit of classical music and I love Christmas carols, so let’s see what’s happening over at Classic FM Christmas.

A big red button tells me to ‘Listen Now’ so I go ahead a press it. A pop up jumps out and starts an ad for Hendrick’s Gin (only on Classic FM!).

Disappointing there was an ad straight away, and I hope they keep it to a minimum as Classic FM does tend to overdo the advert thing on their regular station. Surely they can leave it alone on their Christmas station?

What’s playing? It’s the classic carol ‘The First Noel’ by the King’s College Choir of Cambridge (thanks again, Soundhound). A lovely version it is too.

I’ll let this play out to see what’s next. There is nothing to do on this webpage as it’s just a pop out player, so perfect to have playing in the background. Nothing feels like Christmas like a good Christmas carol, but to play them all day long might be a bit much? Will they mix in a few classics, like Troika, I wonder?

Next up is a jingle followed by a classic version of ‘I Believe in Father Christmas’ by the Vasari Singers (a nod to the app again). The Smooth player tells me it’s Greg Lake, but it most definitely is not. This is a choir and very nice it is too.

Next up after another jingle is ‘O Tannenbaum’ by Thomas Hampton. This was found by the app again, and I wish the Smooth radio pop-up would have this info, instead it’s marked down as ‘anon’. If you hear a tune in the background and like it, it’s always nice to know who it’s by. So a bit of improvement needed by Smooth there.

Excellent tunes though, and I can’t complain because this is very different from the other Christmas radio stations. And I do love the traditional feel. This is my second favourite station so far.

So, there you have 5 really good Christmas Radio Stations, each with a slightly different festive feel about them.

I loved Santa Radio as there doesn’t seem to be any ads, just the odd jingle. If you want to stop the radio station for any reason, just press the stop button, and then, where you’re ready to resume, it will pick up from where you left off with the same tune.

As I work from my desktop, it’s perfect to have on in the background either from the website itself, or channelled through my Amazon echo dot.

There doesn’t seem to be any ads with Santa Radio either, which is great! There is the odd jingle but they are done in the spirit of Christmas.

I’ve downloaded the app to my phone and it plays flawlessly, but I’m not a fan of the conditions with many of these apps, so rarely use them, but it’s there if you want it.

The Classic FM Christmas channel was also very good and ideal if you want to mix up the Christmas ‘feels’. It could do with more accurate information on the tracks, but that’s a small deal, as is putting up with the odd ad now and again.

I hope I’ve pointed you in some sort of direction if you want to listen to Christmas Radio Stations in the run up to the big day. If I find any more, I’ll be on the case and report back.

In the meantime, enjoy the plethora of free Christmas music out there!