Christmas Songs Are Good, Bad and Plain Ugly!

crazy christmas songs

Christmas Songs have been around since…well, since the whole Christmas thing came about. There have been Christmas carols of course for a couple of thousand years, but I’m talking about chart hits and the like.

There are some very good Christmas songs that are seasonal favourites of mine, but there’s also quite a few that I just don’t get. To me, A great Christmas song should have lots of sleigh bells, the odd reindeer snorting in the background and plenty of ho-ho-ho’s. I’m talking about the Mariah Carey, Slade and Wham! stuff here…they all get their first airing in late September!

Christmas SongsThe Christmas songs I’m not so keen on are crude ones, rock ones (strange, because I love rock!) and songs that claim to be Christmassy, but are in fact only hits around Christmas Time (X-Factor anyone?)

I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s so Christmas songs by Wizzard, Band Aid and, dare I say it, Sir Cliff Richard are ones that envisage a happy time for me. I tune my Internet radio, in the kitchen, to Christmas FM and have it on as much as possible…3 months before December 25th hits. My family think I’m a little weird, but hey-ho!

I made a video and uploaded it to YouTube with some really weird Christmas songs on it, some I like and some I was rather embarrassed to include, and I won’t please everyone with some of the choices! It was my crazy idea to spin together as many diverse and weird Christmas Songs I could find on my hard drive.

The video may be taken down for copyright infringement, but there are plenty of other videos doing the same and they seem to stick? I plan to upload a few more running up to Christmas, so hopefully YouTube will ignore my efforts! I will be more ‘select’ with my future Christmas Song compilations…promise!

Christmas Songs For the Crazy

Christmas Songs for the crazy? No offense there, I put myself in the ‘Christmas Crazy’ category and as you can see, my blog is dedicated to all things Christmas.

Please let me know your favourite Christmas tunes in the comments section…I’d love to hear about the diverse of Christmas songs out there…I think I know around 95% of the Christmas songs ever released! Test me!