Christmas Stockings for Dogs

 Pedigree Christmas Dog StockingCheck PriceOne of the greatest pleasure we get on Christmas morning is watching our hound rip apart his Christmas stocking!

First, we have to hide it away under the tree and keep it hidden under the other presents. This doesn’t always work as he’s a strong ‘sniffer’ and has, in the past, found it, dug it out and demolished it way before Christmas day!

He’s now got used to the idea that he’s not supposed to open it until Christmas morning and all it needs is an excited ‘Find Him‘ from me and he’s away, diving under the tree and dragging out his very own Christmas stocking.

He then rips the mesh covering off, gives the squeaky toy a quick testing and then he settles down to gnaw of his doggy treats. Bless him!

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This all happens well before we get a chance to open our own prezzies…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And don’t tell me he doesn’t know it’s Christmas Day either! The tree, the presents, the Christmas stockings…after 12 years he kinda knows what going on.

Christmas Stockings for Dogs are very popular these days, after all, dogs, and pets in general, are a huge part of family life and so deserve to have treats at Christmas too.

Christmas Stockings for Dogs and Pets

The most common type of Christmas Stockings for Dogs are the ones with a few treats and a squeaky toy. They’re shaped as a festive stocking and usually have that red mesh around them…the mesh my dog takes about 2 seconds to rip apart.

Then there’s the fabric type stocking that can be filled with doggy treats and hung up on the mantlepiece. These can even have the name of your hound on them. I’m not sure our border collie can read, he’s clever, but deciphering words may be beyond him…but it’s a nice idea!

Below are a number of [easyazon_link identifier=”B002SCQHJG” locale=”UK” tag=”christmascrackered-21″]Christmas Stockings for Dogs[/easyazon_link] available from good old Amazon. When you’re ordering your Christmas presents for all the family, why not pop a doggie Christmas stocking into your basket and have it delivered with the rest of your items.

They’re really cheap, but the joy they bring at 6am on Christmas morning is worth so much more.

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There’s lots more Christmas Stockings For Dogs in store at Amazon, just click on any of the items above and you’ll be taken to the Christmas Stocking page for the pet of your choice.

Christmas Stockings for Dogs