Christmas Vacation Characters – The Griswold Family!

The Christmas Vacation Characters hold a very special place in my heart…because I can relate to them with my own family!

Christmas Vacation Characters

First of all, there’s me. I’m almost obsessed with suppling a ‘good old fashioned, traditional family Christmas’ and it takes an age to get it just right.  I have to have a HUGE real Christmas Tree that I have to pick out by myself. Non of these fake trees quite fit the bill. It has to be over 7 feet tall and very full! There has to be Christmas lights all over the house with outdoor Santa and his reindeer…along with inflatable snowmen and a nativity scene.

The turkey is big! It has to be big enough to last to New Year at least. It must feed the 10 or so people coming to my house on Christmas Day and I have to carve it myself. The whole house is decorated by December 1st with Christmas music on every radio channel dotted throughout the house.

I have eggnog too. I’m not keen on the stuff, but hey, it’s Christmas!

My Christmas Vacation Characters

My wife is just like Ellen. She puts up with all my Christmas wishes without batting an eyelid and even joins in with wearing the Christmas jumper and earrings I bought here many years ago…it’s a tradition!

My son is a lot like Rusty who, again, goes along with it all just like my wife. Yes, he’s a little embarrassed by the obsession I have, but secretly he enjoys it as much as me. He’s the first to put on the Christmas movies…usually in September! Although he does draw the line at wearing festive gear…it’s just not the thing to do.

[contextazon id=’5′]I have a mad cousin as well. He would put even Eddie to shame, and it would be the nightmare of all nightmares if he and his crazy family turn up out of the blue like Eddie. I wouldn’t be able to control myself for as long as Clark did in the movie!

Then there’s the traveling lunatic asylum that are my brothers and sisters who get invited to my traditional Christmas Dinner. I love them dearly, but my word…they’re a ‘special‘ lot!

All in all, I love it. The loudness, the awkwardness, the weird presents you have to pretend to be enthralled with. My wife has suggested that we go away one Christmas to the sun, or maybe spend the time in New York being waited on hand and foot…and I may go that way sometime in the future. But only when the excitement of a traditional Christmas has worn off…and I don’t think that’s coming anytime soon!

Below is a montage video of the characters and cast of Christmas Vacation I did with little snippets of info about the cast. If you would like some Christmas Vacation characters memorabilia this year, go here to see what’s on offer.

In the meantime…I can’t wait for the festivities to start in earnest! If I didn’t know better, the Christmas Vacation Characters were based on my very own family!

Christmas Vacation Characters