Christmas Vacation Jigsaw Puzzle by Thomas Kinkade is Here!

I’ve just taken delivery of the Christmas Vacation Jigsaw Puzzle. I wasn’t able to get this in the UK, so went over to and there it was…I had to have it!

With postage, it cost around 23 quid, and I’m extremely pleased with that!

It’s made in the USA by Christmas specialist Thomas Kinkade and puzzle makers, Ceaco, and you can see by some of the pics here that it’s quite brilliant!

I’m a collector of loads of Christmas Vacation goodies, including mugs, plates, posters, jumpers, bobble-heads, Christmas tree decorations, quizzes and figurines…so I just had to have this jigsaw!

I’ve only just got into Jigsaw puzzles after finding myself being bored rigid with the dirge offered by the telly these days. And, as it’s Christmas (oh, yes it is) what better way is there to entertain myself with an evening of concentrated squinting trying to piece together an image of my favourite Christmas movie?

The Christmas Vacation Jigsaw Puzzle has plenty of features that are included in the movie. We have Clark Griswold’s epic bringing together of the power cords to illuminate the house (or not, as the case may be) then there’s Cousin Eddie ready with his contraption to empty the, um, RV convenience.

The whole family is on the snow laden lawn, even Snot the dog. Not forgetting, sitting proudly on the driveway, Cousin Eddie’s RV.

Christmas Vacation Jigsaw Has Fine Details

Then there’s the toy reindeer which Clark destroys, the ladder, the loft porthole and an on-fire Santa and sleigh dashing through the air above. We even get a glimpse of Margo and Todd stood in next doors window looking out onto the chaos developing below.

I can’t find Clarks boss though….maybe he’s tied up inside the RV?

This 300 piece Christmas Vacation jigsaw captures the feeling of Christmas superbly and in essence, the movie itself. It’s really well made and the box is almost worth the cost alone.

When I’ve completed it, I will share the image below. I intend starting this on the 1st December when the Christmas spirit is in full swing.

It measures 24 x 18 and includes a mini poster to help me find the pieces. Ok, it’s not the biggest and toughest jigsaw out there, but…it’s so cool!

Thomas Kinkade make other Christmas Jigsaws too, including ‘A Christmas Story’, so I’ll be ordering that one within the week also.

There are none of these puzzles on Amazon UK, but there are some on eBay…but those postage costs!! They are sent from America anyway, so if you want this fantastic Christmas Vacation Jigsaw Puzzle, I would advise going to and save a few quid. It only took 5 days to arrive and was in a regular Amazon box.

Cousin Eddie Christmas Vacation Jigsaw Puzzle

I couldn’t find any UK stores that offer this puzzle either, which is a great shame as I think it would do really well here.

Look out for more goodies I’ll be showing over the next few weeks as we build up to Christmas. Mrs Crackered won’t let me decorate until the 1st of December (although she’s been busy ordering decorations like a boss) but I will be posting some of the Christmas decorations along the way.

I can’t wait to get cracking on this Christmas Vacation Jigsaw Puzzle. You can find it here at possibly the best price around! There’s not many left in stock.

As this movie gets older, there seems to be more collectable items on offer, sadly though, not many in the UK. Those I can find are mostly on eBay but I have to pay through the nose for them! (£15 for a mug the other day…who’s the mug, I wonder?)

Not to worry though, it’s the time of year…

Christmas really is here!

Ta Da! Update...

Completed! This was a real fun jigsaw to do, made better by knowing the movie so well. It didn’t take up much space on my desk and looks the business. Trouble is, as with jigsaws, it’s time to break it all up and put it back into the box. Great fun, though.

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Jigsaw Puzzle Completed