Coffee Christmas Advent Calendar From the Coffee Brewer

Coffee Christmas Advent Calendar

I love Christmas and I love coffee…and I love the build up to the big day, so what’s not to like about a Coffee Christmas Advent Calendar?

This is not your instant coffee, no, this is premium ground coffee and includes 12 flavours from around the world.

At first I was a little confused about how this all works, I mean, you need a coffee machine or cafetiere for ground coffee right?

Well not in this case.

Simply open up the bag, pour hot water in, seal it back up and let it filter inside of the bag for 5 minutes.

Then, twist of the nozzle and pour staright into your favourite coffee mug.

The coffee comes from several areas of the world and is a must for all coffee lovers (like me!). There are 12 different coffees in all so you can get a big range of tastes.

I’ve just bought this and can’t wait for December 1st to come. The festively coloured box layers the coffee pouches so you just pull out one from the bottom each day.

From Bolivia to Indonesia there is around 300ml of ground coffee in each pouch to slurp here, which is just under the content volume of a can of cola.

Can’t Wait For Coffee Christmas Advent Calendar!

The strength can be adjusted by how much water you put in…there is a level marker on the back of each coffee pouch.

I will report back in mid-December to let you know how it’s going, but at the moment, I can’t wait to get stuck in!

Also, the box that holds the coffee pouches is wonderfully seasonal with a jolly looking Santa enjoying his brew on the front. Each pouch has a date in December with a little cartoon on each one.

What an excellent idea! A Christmas Coffee Advent Calendar…who needs chocolates?

Get it here, right to your front door with Amazon

This delightful addition to the festive season is brought to you by The Brew Company who not only specialise in coffee, but tea and herbal brews also. Based in Denmark, they are a relatively new company who have now made their goodies available on

Now that Christmas is here (at last!) I hope to add many head-up items to my posts. Look out for the Christmas Crackered Top 50 songs of 2018…will it change from last year?