Cousin Eddies RV Vandalized!

cousin eddie rv vandalizedOh, that uh, that there’s an RV. Yeah, yeah, I borrowed it off a buddy of mine. He took my house, I took the RV. It’s a good looking vehicle, ain’t it?”

The famous line from that wonderful Festive Film, Christmas Vacation.

Well, Cousin Eddie would be mortified to find out his treasured RV has been vandalized at a Ohio museum during the last week. How they discovered the vandalism must have been a difficult achievement!

Source: Castle Noel Museum

But, a ladder from the back was taken, a rear light was broken, an antenna was wrecked and a side panel was pulled off, according to police.

Such a shame because it’s one of the most iconic props to come out of a Christmas movie and a very much loved exhibit from the Castle Noel museum in Cleveland, Ohio. Owners Mark and Dana Klaus contacted police early Thursday morning. They have CCTV installed, so will be scrutinizing footage very keenly.

Cousin Eddies RV Vandalized

It’s an odd story because the RV is a total wreck anyway, so why would someone want to wreck it even further? I can only think it was fans of the Christmas Vacation movie wanting a bit of memorabilia, but why break a tail light and antenna? Maybe is was someone who thinks it’s an eyesore and wanted to reap some vengeance?…But that would make it an even worse eyesore? Maybe it was just a drunken assault on a much loved RV….who knows?

What is incredible is that the RV still runs and the actual photo at the top is how it appeared in the Christmas Vacation movie? I don’t remember seeing it as bad as that, but apparently, it’s not far off the original detail and was driven to  the Medina museum from Los Angeles back in 2012

Apparently, the RV’s chemical toilet was overflowing and needed emptying!

Castle Noel is America’s Largest Indoor Year-round Christmas Entertainment Attraction with exhibits from The Grinch, A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation and many more. It’s an excellent place to see real Christmas movie props up close and even has a scale size of the Grinch!

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Let’s hope the Castle Noel museum can get the ladder back and repair the damaged items to get this nostalgic bit of Christmas movie history back to it’s former wrecked self!

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