Disney Classic Monopoly Board Game

Christmas is almost upon us and what better way to get the family all together with a game of Disney Classic Monopoly! Get ready to argue, bicker, be resentful and have fun all at the same time!

Undoubtedly the world’s finest board game promises to be another hit this Christmas, especially when combined with good old Disney! We all have a soft spot with Disney with most of us growing up with the classics and, even now from an early age, kids revel in the magic of all things Disney.

What better way to get the whole family involved with something we can all relate to?

Each of the six counters represents a Disney Classic with Aladdin’s Lamp, The Ship from Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast’s Teacups, Snow White’s Poisoned Apple, Cinderella’s cast away Glass Slipper and the Bell Circus Tent from Dumbo.

Houses are replaced by Disney character cottages and Hotels are impressive Castles. Money is in the form of Monopoly Disney Dollars and the board is a bright, colourful array of scenes from famous Disney movies including Bambi, The Jungle Book and The Aristocats.

Remember the traditional Community Chest and Chance cards? Well, these are replaced by The Bear Necessities and Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo cards with all the original Monopoly characters also being replaced by the likes of Captain Hook, Peter Pan and Wendy.

Already, this Disney Classic Monopoly Board Game is screaming to be played!

Which counter will be most wanted and which one will left to squabble over! Who will be Banker? Who will be the first to go Straight to Jail? And more importantly, who will be the player left with all those Disney Dollars?

The Disney Classic Monopoly game follows the same rules as the traditional game where you have to accumulate as much money and property as you can…without going bankrupt first!

Be warned though, apparently this is a Classic Edition and it’s already seeing limited stocks all over the Internet and in shops. It just highlights the popularity of Disney and Monopoly and when the two come together, it’s no wonder such a team is in demand!

As with most savvy online shoppers, the place to head first is Amazon. If they’re struggling to stock the Disney Classic Monopoly board game, then look out…there may be trouble ahead!

The Disney Classic Monopoly game can be enjoyed by all ages, and it’s a great way to get the family together. Board games come in many various guises, some that tax the brain whereas others are just fun to play. With Monopoly being just about everyone’s favourite, you won’t be lost for ensuring anyone isn’t left out!