Disney Frozen Toys for Christmas

disney frozen toys for christmasBy all accounts, you won’t go far wrong if you choose Disney Frozen toys for Christmas…especially if you have young girls in the family!

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a bad word about Frozen and, as Christmas is coming rather quickly over the horizon, there will be plenty of Frozen characters appearing on Christmas lists up and down the country!

So, what’s all the fuss about? Well,  if you’re an adult who’s missed the boat concerning this Frozen Frenzy…read on!

Frozen is a Disney movie that has captured kids imaginations and made it a ‘must-see‘ movie and a ‘must-have‘ toy…you’d best be prepared!

Here’s a few ideas for Disney Frozen toys for Christmas using the main characters from the movie. These are bound to be the most popular toys from Frozen this year.

Disney Frozen Toys for Christmas

Firstly there’s the star of the show, Anna. She’s the cute and kooky younger princess of Elsa in the story. She’s great! A character where nothing beats her; she’s funny and kindly…it’s no wonder she’s a favourite this year!

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Secondly, we see Anna’s big sister and heir to the throne, Elsa. She’s the big sister who has a problem with freezing everything she touches. Her character is just like a big sister…you’ll have to see the film to appreciate why she acts so grown up!

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Here we now go to Kristoff, the ice salesman! He’s the hunk in the movie and although just a country boy, he’s all heart! His family consists of trolls and his best mate is his reindeer, Sven! But, he’s an integral part of the movie and a bit of a hero!

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Next we move onto another character in the range of Disney Frozen Toys for Christmas and probably my favourite! Olaf! This little guy is the fun character of the movie who yearns for summer! That wouldn’t be so bad, but he’s made of snow…a great addition to the movie!

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Next we come across Sven! This is Kristoff reindeer and best friend. He’s big, fast and strong and totally devoted to his master. He also, finally, makes friends with Olaf the Snowman. This guy will be a big hit with all kids when they find him under the tree!

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And how about a few gifts with them altogether. You may wonder why there aren’t many Hans characters available. Well, if you’ve seen the movie you’ll know why, but if not….no I won’t spoil it, you’ll just have to watch it. Believe me it’s worth watching!

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There are lots of other Disney Frozen Toys for Christmas to go after and the Pièce de résistance must be the Disney Frozen Castle and Ice Palace Playset. This is, by all accounts and reviews, a fantastic toy that also comes in a big box to heighten the excitement! It stands around two feet high and covers both palaces with props inside. A Touch pricey, but WOW!

 Disney Frozen Castle and Ice Palace PlaysetCheck Price

The Magic of Disney has done it again! Once in a while a real classic Disney movie appears that won’t age and with that comes the pleasure of offering Disney Frozen Toys for Christmas which makes the parents jobs so much easier!

Be warned though, because Frozen toys have been tipped to be the most wanted Christmas present for 2014. I can see a bit of a rush of orders towards in the final two weeks for Disney Frozen Toys for Christmas.

And if you’ve yet to see the movie, I can recommend it enormously as one of the greats of Disney. To me, it’s up there with the Lion King, Jungle Book and the more modern Monsters Inc. and Toy Story.

Here’s the trailer to Frozen:

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