Earnings Disclosure

Hello Folks!

This is just a bit of transparency by me to let you know that some of the links on the Christmas Crackered website are affiliated. So that means if you click on one, then go to that merchant’s website, and then buy… it means I get a small commission.

I made this website out of my passion for all things Christmas and I love to show what’s out there to adorn your home or, indeed, yourself with all things Christmassy…so I use the biggest online retailer out there, Amazon.co.uk, to showcase the goodies. Now, Amazon allows me to use their images because I’m plugging their stuff. If I didn’t do this and used the images without being an affiliate for them, I could get in all sorts of trouble with copyright, etc…so it’s a win-win-win situation for me, Amazon, and you (maybe?)

The Christmas Crackered website goes deep into finding Christmas goodies that you may have never knew existed. I mean, who knew you could buy the leg lamp from ‘ A Christmas Story’?

So, I thought I would just let you know that I’m not being devious, and this little earnings disclaimer should point this out. The small commissions I get help to pay for hosting throughout the year…I’m not going to get rich by advertising a Christmas card that sells for £1 and I get the 5% commission…that’s a whopping 5p!

So, with that out of the way, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!