Gibsons Pass the Pud Family Game

Pass the Pud Family Christmas GameGibsons Pass the Pud Family Game is a perfect little game of making a fool of yourself

Think of pass-the-parcel, or pass-the-bomb, another Gibson’s product,  only this time you have to think of an answer before the dreaded burp goes off. The Christmas Pud jingles all the way at different lengths until it’s your turn to come up with answers from four categories. If the Burp goes off, you’ve failed!

It’s a game for 4+ to play and is aimed at ages 8+, but I’m sure younger ones could get involved. The aim of the game is not to be lumbered with the pud at the end. You are rewarded in the form of ‘sixpences’ if you manage to give a correct answer, although part of the fun is contesting the answers given!

The ‘burp’ isn’t very loud or offensive so anyone playing who’s a bit sensitive to such things won’t be offended…and there’s usually a good festive atmosphere going on anyway, so nobody really minds!

Gibsons Pass The Pud Family Game Categories

There are four categories to have a go at:

  • Things – The player must give an example of the ‘thing’ on the card. The next player has to give an answer with the next letter of the alphabet.
  • Words– Players must give the name of a song or book that contains the word on the card.
  • Connections– Players must give the name of an actor, character, or association with the film on the card.
  • Clues – A list of items are printed on the card and players must describe them to their team without actually saying the word.

The Gibsons Pass The Pud Family Game is battery-operated, so you’ll need to pop out to the shops and get those in readiness. The battery compartment is a bit fiddly but once opened, the rest is easy.

The timer is random so it adds to the panic and all categories can be played easily by kids and adults alike, although the clues section might be a little testing for the younger members.

All in all the Gibsons Pass the Pud Family Game is a  pleasing game for all the family and great value here at