Gin Christmas Crackers From Drink By the Dram

Always on the lookout for the unusual and here, we find the ultimate Gin lovers game…Gin Christmas Crackers!

Usually, the tradition is to pull a cracker before the big Christmas feast, wear the silly hat, tell the awful joke and then play with dodgy plastic toy for all of 30 seconds. Game over.

Let’s shift that little tradition up a gear or two by helping to make it more memorable with a belt of Gin!

And not just any old Gin, this stuff is top notch. These Gin Christmas Crackers contain Gins that are specially made and not the sort of clear liquid you’ll find in a Bargain Booze establishment!

Just look at the variety offered within the hand-waxed 3cl drams:

  • Bathtub Gin
  • Cream Gin
  • Origin Perugia Italy
  • 1897 Quinine Gin
  • Moonshine Kid – Wolf’s Nose
  • Bathtub Gin – Old Tom

These little 3cl drams offer a sample from the selection of Gin’s available to buy in full 70cl bottles should you fall in love with the taste.

Inside the Gin Christmas Crackers

There are 6 Gin Christmas Crackers in each set containing a sample 3cl of the Gin’s below. And not letting the tradition of snapping open Christmas Crackers completely, there also contains the obligatory awful joke and silly party hat so auntie won’t be disappointed.

If you like the taste of a particular Gin, the included detailed tasting notes will get you up to speed on its tones and ingredients.

Christmas Crackers With Gin
The 3cl drams inside each cracker offer a sample of their bigger 70cl brothers above!

These Gin Christmas Crackers are great for Gin lovers everywhere and also for those who’ve not considered that gin can have many forms.

So why not spend a little extra this year (they’re not cheap!) and pull a cracker that offers an after dinner drink too. Available here at Amazon UK.

Drinks by the Dram also cater for other spirit lovers by offering more sets of Christmas Crackers as can be seen below.


Drinks by the Dram offer an extensive range of quality ‘samplers’ for anyone wishing to try before committing to the full bottle – Check their Range Here