John Lewis Top 10 Christmas Toys for 2019 – Predictions Released

John Lewis Top 10 Christmas Toys for 2019 has been released and I’m donning my Scrooge nightcap whilst I write this post, so expect a bit of grumbling. It’s unusual for the normally upbeat content of the Christmas Crackered website to moan a bit, but I think John Lewis is trying to make a statement, a rather politically correct one!

Now, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing because it would be great if the list was what kids really wanted, not what the world wants them to have.

I noticed there is only one gadget in the top 10 and that’s the Tonie audio box, the rest are, dare I say it, old-fashioned toys that probably belong in the 1990’s?

Is John Lewis trying to force the whole ‘get back to basics’ thing? I know they’ve seen a 21% increase in wooden toy sales recently, but that’s probably down to the fact they’ve promoted them more.

I know lots of kids, these days, who would have their Christmas ruined if they opened up a wooden train set on Christmas morning when expecting the latest all singing and dancing wonder machine.

It reality, it would be great if this list is what kids REALLY want for Christmas in 2019. But I have my reservations. I’m sure if they polled the kids instead of the ad executives, they would find a whole different Top 10.

Possibly the new Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear? Or something aligned to the biggest gaming success of the year, Fortnite? Perhaps?

John Lewis Top 10 Christmas Toys for 2019

John Lewis Christmas Top 10 Virtue Signals?

Mind you, looking at the Top 10 above I can see there are 5 John Lewis products, so perhaps I can’t blame them for blowing their own trumpet. The list is for John Lewis stores only, so….

Anyway, out of the top 10 it’s good to see sitting at number 7 the Little Robin Red Vest book. This is a delightful little tale and has been around for over 20 years. Not sure it can be classed as a ‘toy’ but there you go.

I can’t wait for the John Lewis Christmas ad this year, the only trouble is, as the old fogey that I am, I think it will feature hardly anything to do with Christmas and have plenty of virtue signalling going on. Maybe something to do with climate change and Santa with beach shorts on because, you know, it’s become so warm up there in the north pole in recent years.

John Lewis spokesman Harry Boughton said “As we all become more aware of our impact on the environment we are seeing a move away from products such as slime and collectibles in favour of toys which have limitless play value and can be passed down to younger children.”  – Understood Harry, but there’s a lot of plastic in them thar toys above! 

If the John Lewis brand is worried about the impact of plastic and the environment, then why aren’t they pushing sustainable materials and toys being produced in Britain?

Here’s the list again with a bit more info alongside the toys:

  • John Lewis & Partners Mini Kitchen (plastic, China)
  • John Lewis & Partners Wooden Train Set, 50 Pieces (China)
  • Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit (plastic)
  • John Lewis & Partners Folding Scooter (plastic, China)
  • Tonies Start Box (plastic)
  • John Lewis & Partners Unicorn pull-along (Wood, but not sure where manufactured?)
  • Little Robin Red Vest Children’s Book (Paper)
  • Gravitrax Starter Set XXL (plastic, metal, Czech Republic)
  • LEGO City 60229 Rocket Assembly & Transport Space Port (plastic, China)
  • John Lewis & Partners Leckford House Wooden Doll’s House (Wood)

Hmm? More plastic for us to deal with. As China have stopped their importation of plastic goods for recycling (to make more plastic), where does the worlds plastic go now? The UK will have to find other ways of getting rid of it. But where?

And what about the logistics of importing all those plastic toys anyway? More nasty footprints that could be avoided if toys were sourced nearer to home.

Only 2, maybe 3, of the John Lewis Top 10 Christmas Toys for 2019 can be given a thumbs up from environmentalists. Pedantic? Not really. If John Lewis is going to make statements about saving planet earth, then make them workable.

Going Back To Basics This Christmas?

So, is John Lewis virtue signalling whilst all the time advocating logistical carbon emissions? And what’s with all the plastic being promoted at the busiest time of the year?


If you’re going to make a statement of intention, John Lewis, try a bit harder next time. I know it’s almost impossible not to incude plastic and imports coming from thousands of miles away, but at least make an effort to promote things made here…if you can find them, of course. But make the effort at least!

Maybe my Scrooge hat needs to be taken off. I’ll lighten up once Halloween is out of the way!

You know what I wanted for Christmas back in the early 70’s? A football. Yes, a leather football, a casey. If you had a casey football in your street back then you were treated like a God by all the other kids.

I eventually got one, I think it was around 1972 and I treated it with kid gloves for the first day or two, but once the novelty had worn off, it was thumped around streets and houses with shouts of “he’s in the clear…he’s only got the ‘keeper to beat…GOAAAAAAALLL!”

Ah, them were the days!

Perhaps John Lewis is yearning for the past to make a comeback…as I am? Train sets, scooters, books and dollhouses are in the John Lewis Top 10 Christmas Toys for 2019….even though I don’t think they belong there!

Bah, Humbug!