Kevin The Carrot & Coca-Cola

coca cola v kevin the carrot aldi

So, the advert came on and the near sighted Mrs Crackered squealed with delight “It’s here, the Coca-Cola Truck! It’s here!”

After a careful explanation that it was, in fact, the Aldi Kevin the Carrot advert, not the Coca-Cola truck, she was left deflated and sighed, “So it’s not here, then?”

Nope, not yet.

I must admit I was fooled for about half a second and initially thought I really must try and get the contrast right on this telly before the penny dropped. The Orange truck was an imposter!

First thoughts were how on earth will Aldi cope with the copyright infringement court case Coca-Cola with throw at them? I mean, Aldi has jumped on the traditional truck thing a week early from the genuine article.

But, Coca-Cola are playing it classy by using Twitter to respond to the cheeky ad. I suppose they look upon it as a compliment and are treating it like an unruly, but lovable pup. But I suspect if Aldi cross the line any further they might receive a nip to keep them in their place!

Here’s the Twitter exchange which does show the Big Guns have a sense of humour.

twitter response kevin v cola

I can see the Aldi ad running for a few weeks as the plot thickens with a nod towards the Italian Job and Kevin’s plight.

Mrs Crackered was left disappointed as she always says Christmas doesn’t really start until the Coca-Cola truck appears on the telly box. But I have to keep reminding her, Christmas is not just for Christmas, it’s an all year round thing.

Another sigh from my tired eyed spouse ensued.

So, we’ll have to keep a look out for the real truck to come along, but in the meantime, will Kevin survive? Will Coca-Cola sue?

Battle of the Christmas Trucks