Large Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Large Inflatable Christmas DecorationsThis Christmas, why not treat yourself and neighbours with an array of outside Christmas decorations.

Look upon your house as a blank canvas for you to really get into the Christmas spirit.

It is after all the season to be jolly and a large inflatable Santa and his reindeer happily sat on your roof will make Christmas finally arrive! Or perhaps a Red Nosed Rudolph lighting the way for the rest of the Reindeer…the kids will love him!

Become a festive artist by lighting the path to your front door, or perhaps add brightly colored and lit Christmas greetings to your outside wall, or drape some festive lights around the branches of your trees.

Your friends and family will slow down as they pass your house to admire the Santa’s and snowmen adorning your garden and perhaps it will give them ideas and have the festive spirit to even try it themselves. the more the merrier!

Large Outdoor Christmas Decorations Should be Noticed


OK, so now we’re talking LARGE Outdoor Christmas Decorations here…not the little wreaths we put on the front door, or the single row of lit-up icicles draped over the one window. No, we’re talking 6 foot snowmen, 7 foot inflatable trees, life-size Santa’s and reindeer you could happily ride and whole nativity scenes!

If we’re going to make an effort in the garden or yard this Christmas, let’s do it right! Christmas comes but once a year, so why not celebrate it in a good old-fashioned, loud and cheery way!

I admit I feel a little embarrassed when I step out towards the end of November armed with a complete Nativity scene, thousands of Christmas lights and a menacing Santa or two, but setting them up is great!

And although my wife thinks I’m a little crazy, she secretly enjoys the whole tradition. My son, whose 16, warns me to to it under the cover of darkness…or when he’s out of the house…but I also know he secretly enjoys it too!

Inflatable Outdoor Christmas Decorations

3m Inflatable Waving SantaCheck Price

One thing I haven’t delved into yet is the inflatable outdoor Christmas decorations that you see on top of houses…usually Santa and his reindeer, or Santa’s legs unceremoniously sticking out of the chimney upside down.

But, I suppose it’s only a matter of time before I succumb.

The trouble is, it can get very windy where I live and I wouldn’t like to give a young child the wrong impression that Christmas has come early when they see a rather large Mr Claus clattering aimlessly around the houses…with his reindeer speeding off into different directions.

A strong rope is the answer if I’m to proceed with this venture but I’m sure it would be worth it in the end.


Outdoor Christmas Decorations Lights

122 cm Large Animated Merry Christmas SignCheck Price

I can hear the electricity meter whirring away when I plug in my outdoor Christmas lights! I’m not saying it’s anything like Clark Griswolds National Lampoons House, but I do like a good lit-up garden!

I have rope lighting wrapped around some of the branches on 2 trees, lights around the windows and a lit-up reindeer grazing on the lawn.

Nothing too elaborate and some of my neighbours put my lighting efforts to shame, but at least I’m trying!

Next stop for me is a 4 foot wide ‘Merry Christmas’ sign over my front door, flashing to the tune of Ding Dong Merrily on High.

If I get that nice new DSLR camera that I’ve been dropping Christmas hints for, I will take a few photos this year and upload them to this lens.

Santa Stop Here Sign

Illuminated Santa Stop Here SignCheck Price

Boy! How I wish we had these signs back when I was a Youngster!

When I was around 6 years old, we lived in a flat roofed house with no chimney and I would (apparently) drive my folks crazy with questions like “How does Santa know where we live” and “We haven’t got a chimney…how does Santa get in” and other daft questions.

My mum and dad would say Santa knew where everyone lived and that he left his presents either in the shed or dad would leave the key under the doormat for Santa to let himself in.

The memories were great and I swear to this day I heard sleigh bells outside my window one Christmas Eve!

Of course, I found out years later that the ways Santa got into our house were just made up, I should have known that he simply tapped lightly on the front door and my dad let him in.

Now why didn’t I figure that out?

Large Outdoor Christmas Decorations