Matthew Walker Christmas Pudding

Matthew Walker Classic Christmas PuddingThe Matthew Walker Christmas pudding is nearly always first on my list when it comes to food supplies for Christmas Day. I’ve been loyal to this maker for many years because, quite simply, it’s the best Christmas pudding I ever had the pleasure of devouring!

One of the biggest traditions to get right at Christmas is the pudding…get it wrong and you won’t hear the last of it! It’s almost a personal appraisal of the whole Christmas meal.

Too heavy and it gets pushed away, too much alcohol and the kids can’t enjoy it, and too dry and it gets slated! It has to be just right.

Matthew Walker Christmas Pudding

I personally always go for the Matthew Walker Classic Christmas Pudding as it’s so easy to prepare and has the right balance of taste and lightness. It’s incredible to think that there are 13 main ingredients inside this pud including sultanas, raisins, Demerara sugar, currants, glace cherries, stout, breadcrumbs, sherry, vegetarian suet, almonds, orange & lemon peel, cognac, and mixed spices.

Incidentally, the 13 main ingredients represents Jesus and his 12 disciples

Matthew Walker and his Christmas puddings have been around since 1899, so that makes the company the oldest producer of Christmas puddings in the world. When it comes to our Traditional Christmas pudding we always put our trust in Matthew Walker!

If you’re looking for Matthew Walker Christmas pudding stockists then look no further than the biggest online shop in the world…Amazon. Yes, Amazon has a whole range of puds available to order and deliver right to your home.

Reheat Instructions:
Matthew Walker Christmas PuddingAs the Matthew Walker Christmas pudding is already cooked, it only needs a gentle reheating. I always put the pudding (with basin) in a steamer over boiling water for around 2 hours. That’s the bigger size of 907g and always making sure the water doesn’t boil dry.

You can, of course, heat it your own way…even in a microwave, but I do prefer to go the steamer route.

See the Whole Christmas Pudding range here

There, you will be able to choose from a range of Christmas puddings including Large medium or small, nut and alcohol free, gluten free, luxury and others. They come singularly or in various pack sizes.

Make sure Christmas pud is the tastiest you ever had this year!

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