Merry Woofmas – A Christmas Movie Made For Dogs!

Merry Woofmas – 28th October

Starring – Holly, Mika, Ramsey & Marcel Le Corgi

Channel24 (Sky, Virgin, BT)

Story-line – Holly’s only wish for Christmas is for a Big Juicy Bone!

Narrator – Louis Walsh

Year – 2017

merry woofmas movie

Um, OK? Merry Woofmas is a Christmas Movie made especially for the enjoyment of our four-legged friends! Narrated by X Factor judge Louis Walsh, it tells the ‘tail’ of Holly, a Pyrenean sheepdog who deeply wishes for a big juicy bone for Christmas.

The festive film also co-stars Ramsey the Staffy, Marcel Le Corgi and Mika the Huskey from doggy Instagram fame. Quite what my Heinz 57, Perrin, will make of it, only time will tell!

Holly the star of Merry Woofmas

The premiere of Merry Woofmas can be seen on the relaunched Christmas movie Channel, Channel24 on October 18th at 4.50pm. It can also be viewed on their official Facebook page.

Animal behaviourist Dr Candy d’Sa says “It’s important to realise that dogs see the world in a very different way to us humans, and respond differently to certain audio and visuals”

Louis Walsh seems to be proud of his involvement in Merry Woofmas and hopes his fellow judges from the X Factor, Simon Cowell, and Sharon Osbourne, will gather round with their pooches at Christmas to enjoy the movie.

The narration contains shorter sentences that ‘cater to dog’s limited attention span’ and is filmed with more blues and yellows that are thought to improve a dog’s mood.

Well, it’s worth a viewing along with my best friend, Perrin, to see if he actually takes any notice. My guess is that he’ll sleep the whole way through and only wake when his dinner bowl is rattled!

Remember to give it a try. That date again, 28th October at 4.50pm on Channel 24 (Sky 327 – Virgin 419 – BT 513). The channel re-launches for the festive season on Saturday 21st October with an array of Christmas movies including A Christmas To Remember and A Nutcracker Christmas…and don’t forget Merry Woofmas on the 28th!