Red and Silver Baubles – The Traditional Type!

New Baubles for Christmas

Mrs Crackered is on a mission to prove the Grinch’s initial thoughts that Christmas came in a box were correct! Judging by the amount of beleaguered delivery drivers tapping on our door throughout the day, she’s succeeding!

Today brought a box full of 14 baubles.

I asked her how many more Christmas tree decorations were likely to appear between now and Christmas. She just frowned.

I then pondered “You know, we only have one Christmas tree”, don’t you?

“Well, I was thinking about that”, she said, “We’ll just have to get another one”.

So, I’ve had to order Christmas tree number two which will be with us in a couple of days. This will allow our already groaning Christmas tree number one to have a lighter and less burdensome year.

“Of course, you know that means more lights, don’t you?” I said exasperated.

“Yup, sure does”, she sharply replied.

Red Christmas Tree Baubles
Red and Silver Christmas Baubles

So, another order goes in and another string of 800 lights are wending their way to us as I write this.

Can’t complain though, I’ve been pushing Mrs Crackered to get in the festive spirit since August!

So, what about this new set of baubles that arrived today?

Apparently, they cost under a tenner from Amazon. The Hermes driver looked as if we were his 189th delivery of the day as he handed over the non-descript cardboard box.

I used to be a delivery driver and I know how crazy this time of year gets…it must be a lot worse now with all the Internet orders.

He did, in fact, just walk into the house without knocking. “Sorry”, he said, “I thought this was a porch”.

Good job the Crackered family were in decent order!

Baubles box

As you can see below, the baubles are very nice, with a touch of the tradition about them.

Glass, mostly red with good clasps and hanging string…very festive.

Of course, they’ll look a lot nicer once they’ve been placed on Christmas Tree Number 2, but I think you can see by the pics, they’re good value for the price.

The photos don’t really do them justice. I’m using my smartphone to take the pics, but have never really got on with it. I’ve been after a new camera for a while now and seeing as Mrs Crackered seemed to overlook my Christmas list last year, I hoping she’ll pay more attention this time!

Christmas Tree Baubles

I will update the site when these baubles have found there place on the tree, but just for now, as this is a Christmas blog, I thought I’d share them with you now.

We have plenty more Christmas decorations ready to be ‘put up’ and I hope you will join me in the process of our 2018 decorating venture. It’s nothing too elaborate these days now the kids have fled the nest, but we still give it a go.

Some Christmas decorations are not of the norm, including a disturbing Christmas Tree Clown figure. I try to hide it every year, but the thing holds a soft spot in Mrs Crackered’s heart, so on the tree it must go.

(Unless something awful should happen to it, of course.)

You can see better pics of the Valery Madelyn baubles above by going to Amazon which is where we got them. Yes, Mrs Crackered is certainly making use of her Prime membership these days!