The Best Christmas Telly Ad So Far Has To Be….

McDonalds Christmas TV Ad 2018

There!…There it is! A proper Christmas TV ad.

The McDonalds 2018 Christmas ad has it all. Santa, Reindeer, Jingly Christmas music, tradition, and a nice ending. An ad that makes me feels, well…Christmassy.

The John Lewis ad, I think, was more of a promo for Sir Elton John’s farewell world tour. Nothing wrong with the promo, but did it have to be in one of the most eagerly awaited Christmas ads of the year?

Iceland’s well-meaning Orangutan ad was banned by the body that vets TV ads before they’re broadcast on political grounds. So we’ll have to wait until after Christmas for that one, if it’s ever allowed to be screened.

Then there’s the Waitrose ad which is weirdly connected to the John Lewis ad. What’s all that about?

Tesco’s ad is just OK, Argos’s is creepy (good soundtrack though), Lidl’s is a lidl bit cheesy. Boots, I feel, is a bit too sentimental, what with the grumpy teen and protective mum making up over a No7 lipstick.

Asda’s is just, well, weird.

Aldi’s have a couple. One is a rip off on the Coca-Cola ad and another is a sort of story in parts about a carrot and a parsnip, M&S is nothing special and Sainsbury’s is just tedious.

Only Our Opinions!

Now, these are just our Christmas Crackered opinions here, and I’m sure you’re shaking your head and thinking “Wrong-o!”

But I really think this year’s Christmas Ad winner is McDonalds.

As it’s only November, there may well be more ads to contend with McDonalds, but so far, the big guns haven’t really encapsulated Christmas for us at Crackered towers. We were really disappointed in the John Lewis ad!

The Christmas telly adverts these days are a huge investment for the companies, so they best get it right. Most of them have huge budgets, but I’m old enough to remember, back in the 70’s, when everyone used to be on tenterhooks for the Woolworth’s Christmas ads…This involved TV celebs wandering around the store and gurning, full-on, into the camera with something like a saucepan or music cassette in hand.

Great, they were. (Well, they were back then!)

And on that, here’s what they looked like…I’ll leave you with this!

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