The Elf On The Shelf – A ‘NEW’ Tradition?



I’m all for adding The Elf On The Shelf as another Christmas tradition. Much like The Grinch, Frosty The Snowman and Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer, the cheeky Elf must join those Christmas superstars!

the-elf-on-the-shelfFor those who have small children, they’re very likely already becoming fired up thinking of the holiday season and all the things that go with it. An Elf on The Shelf is an excellent new Christmas tradition to bring into your house.

Yes, your children will find it irresistible but you’ll probably find they behave much better than normal, because they will believe the Elf is going to be reporting their behaviour to Santa, which can only be a valuable thing for all parties concerned!

Naughty or Nice?

It’s a wonderful book to read with your youngsters at bed time and can get everybody into the Christmas mood. The story behind the tale is the fact that Santa Claus has to find out if a child has behaved well, or otherwise, before he brings all of the gifts on Christmas Eve. Which is why he sends his Elf to go keep an eye on the kids in each home.

The Elf rests on the shelf (or mantlepiece) and after watching over the children each day, comes back to Santa each night to report on their behavior. It’s important to be sure you shift the Elf around the house because he will forfeit his power if the boys and girls see him in the exact same place each morning. After all, he’s supposed to have already been all the way to the North Pole, reported to Santa, and travelled and back…every night! The kids can even register the Elf on the web and can provide him with a unique name.

The Elf On The Shelf Tradition

Kids get really excited each morning as they search for the whereabouts of the vigilant elf and wonder where he’s settled after his moonlight escapades. The kitchen perhaps? Or maybe he’s resting near the TV? Dining Table? It becomes a great game and will endear them to their little friend.

The Elf On the Shelf comes along with a hardbound book which tells the charming tale itself. Additionally, if you want to build a collection, there is an action guide along with additional elves who can be a girl and boy elf and even have different coloured eyes..

Christmas is really a time for fun and is particularly wonderful to watch children fall utterly under the spell of Santa Claus and his fantastic elves.

If you want to cultivate the wonder of Christmas in your house, other fantastic books to share with little ones include the traditional “Twas The Night Before Christmas” which should be an ever present read each and every Christmas.

Newer books include the fantastic “A Bit of Applause for Mrs Claus”. The illustrations inside are perfect for Christmastime and the flow of the story is quite magical.

The Elf on the Shelf is an excellent gift for almost any household which has young kids – perhaps you should pick up yours today and start getting into the Christmas spirit? It’s never too early!


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