The New Grinch Movie is Here! November 9th

the grinch 2018

The Grinch new movie is here! Opening in the UK on November 9th, a Friday, it’s the third proper version of Dr Seuss’s festive tale of redemption. Ever since Boris Karloff voiced the great beast in 1966, I’ve been fascinated with the story and its message.

Jim Carrey brought the Grinch to life in 2000 which I thought was a brilliant version, although purists would argue with me there! This new version is animated and uses the vocal talents of Benedict Cumerbatch who also voiced the dragon. Smaug, in the Hobbit.

I’m hoping he can bring some level of menace to the Grinch, but I doubt it. This version looks very cuddly and snuggly. Nothing wrong with that of course, I just hope it’s not too sugary.

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The Grinch was meant to be a right misery with a touch of menace about him, a bit like dear old Scrooge. He then realises Christmas doesn’t come in a box (although, these days, it does) but comes from the heart.

A turnaround occurs and the Grinch becomes a valued member of society, again, just like Scrooge.

Boris Karloff brought the menace in 1966, and Jim Carrey later brought the loneliness of a bitter character to life…what will Benedict Cumerbatch bring?

For instance, I watch A Christmas Carol every year and have a long list of favourites I look forward to viewing. So, I was beside myself with anticipation when, in 2009, a new version of A Christmas Carol came out with Jim Carrey in animated form. It left me disappointed!

Too much over the top-ness and needless additions from the original plot and I now think twice before watching it at Christmas. I hope the new Grinch version doesn’t leave me feeling the same way.

I note the movie is narrated by Pharrell Williams and the Mayor of Whoville is voiced by Angela Lansbury and there seems to be some kind of rap soundtrack wandering through it.

Novel, but I think the Anthony Hopkins narration will take some beating from the Ron Howard version. Also, the Mayor, played wonderfully by Jeffrey Tambor, from the same movie was a scene stealing performance.

Saying that, I’m open to new stuff, and would like to see more versions in the future. The more the merrier.

I just hope I like the new movie.

the grinch 2018

I’m going to see it on the first showing early on the 9th November and hope I’m not disappointed. From the trailer it looks like a triumph in animation and looks very Christmassy. The two previous versions of the Grinch are firm favourites of mine and get played every Christmas on more than a couple of occasions.

Let’s hope I can add this one to the annual watch list. Either way, I’m looking forward to it immensely.

I will report back when I’ve seen it…not long now!