The Ultimate Christmas Tree Light Show!

christmas tree lights christmas crackered

So…how long does it take you to fix lights to your Christmas Tree?

Imagine having this amazing creation in your living room and then having to pay for the electric bill come January!

A lot of hard work goes into this festive fantasia with over 7000 lights dancing away upon the 10ft Christmas tree!

This particular Christmas Tree is from 2014 and is the 5th year that creators compman763 Jon Wawra), the YouTube channel, has amazed us. We are eagerly awaiting their 2015 tree which seems to get better each year. But they’ll have to step up to the plate to beat this one!

Incidentally, the creation draws 25 amps of power at it’s top level and uses the Vixen Christmas Light controller software along with a Renard SS24 control board to run 24 desperate channels…Phew! Far too technical for my tiny brain!

This video alone has been seen by over 2.5 million people and it’s good to know that any ad revenue will be given to support cancer research, and the Bob Colebank Benefit Fund. So it’s a win-win situation!

Now…go put up your tree and get those Christmas Lights working!