Top Ten Toys For Christmas 2015

Top 10 Toys For Christmas 2015

Top Ten Toys For Christmas 2015

We’re all gearing up for Christmas and the Toy Shop Gods, Hamley’s of London, have released what they think will be the Top Ten Toys For Christmas 2015.

Is it a tad early to be predicting such things? Well, no. Imagine the feeling you’ll get when all of a sudden Christmas is a couple of weeks away and that toy your little one has been harping on about since July is no longer available!

Oh, the Shame!

In fact, you would be more than pleased to pay double the money from some keen entrepreneur who has had the hindsight to buy one in that very July and now has listed it on eBay to make a killing!

There is always one toy that either sells out or suddenly makes an appearance without warning. There then follows a mad scramble and a feeling of sheer panic where it dawns on you that that very toy is what little Timmy has been badgering you for all year!


Anyway, here’s the list of what Hamley’s feel will be the Top Ten Toys For Christmas 2015, and for what it’s worth, a link to for that very item (on image and description)….just in case blind panic sets in!

Top Ten Toys For Christmas 2015

1. Interactive Tracy Island For All The Thunderbirds Fans Out There!

Quite an upgrade from my Blue Peter effort I made some years ago! Sticky back plastic, cereal packs, kitchen foil and a couple of washing up liquid bottles….it never really did Tracy Island any justice at all!

The official Thunderbirds Tracy Island is a little more detailed to say the least with over 40 action and rescue sounds, a wearable International rescue communicator, smart technology and those nifty palm trees that make way for Thunderbird 2 that actually get out of the way! You can also launch Thunderbird 1 and 3 automatically where all sorts of deployment noises go off…and the swimming pool moves too!

You will have to buy 3 AAA batteries and 3 LR44 batteries to fire the whole thing up, but once in action it blows any home-made Tracy Islands out of the water!

2. A Skate and Sing Elsa Doll from Frozen
‘Let it go…let it go…can’t hold it back anymore’…Ah…Frozen! What a wonderful movie and what great characters throughout the storyline. Last Christmas saw lots of Frozen goodies in the top 10 toys for christmas and it will be no surprise to see Frozen items on the Festive wish list again this year. Only this time, it’s predicted that Elsa, with her remote controlled skating and singing, will be at the top.

Not sure when the ‘singing’ version will be available on Amazon, because at the moment, here 88 days from Christmas, it’s not anywhere to be seen ? In the meantime, you can take a look over at Smyths toys here.

3. I-Que Intelligent Robot
I-Que Intelligent Robot top 10 christmas presents for boysA robot with a brain, huh? Mr i-Que Intelligent robot is not so clever if he’s not plugged into the internet! But once connected with an iOS or Android smart device with internet connection, he comes alive with all sorts of cleverness such as understanding what you say and answering all questions you may want to throw at him. i-Que robot also has a sense of humour with lots of jokes and cheeky sounds.

But if you want to get your own back on him, simply turn off your interactive device…that’ll sort him out. Even then, the i-Que Intelligent Robot can speak phrases and can be played with like any ‘normal’ robot.

You will need 4 AA batteries to get him going and some sort of smart device to switch on his intelligence. Once fired up you can challenge him with games and quizzes, watch out though, he’s a bit of a know it all, but you can always shout him down with the ‘off’ button!

4. Little Live Pets-Clever Keet
Little Live Pets Clever Keet top ten toys for christmas 2015
A great idea for those who would love a little birdie in their lives, but realise it not really much fun for the birdie! Here we get to see the Cleverkeet bird who is able to sing, repeat words, drive his cart, dance, eat & drink from his perch, amongst other things.

The blurb says “He’s your feathered friend who’s just like a real bird only smarter” Hmmm? A real bird can fly…I call that pretty smart! Anyway, the little live CleverKeet comes with a playground (perch, mirror,swing) a cart, an instruction booklet and an adoption certificate. Quite a little charmer. He even comes with batteries and, apparently, packaging that would test the patience of a saint!

5. Peppa Pig Once Upon A Time Princess Rose Doll
Peppa Pig Once Upon A Time Princess Rose Doll Christmas toys 2015Peppa Pig, a giant among kids favourites! This cute piggy can now sing Ring-a-Ring-a-Roses to you, just hold her hand and away she goes. She can even join hands with two friends to form a circle and really go to town.

This Peppa Pig Once Upon a Time Princess Rose has styling and is made of soft fabric so can be hugged without poking your eye out! Remember, Peppa Pig is not only for Christmas, but for birthdays as well!

6. Kinetic Sand
Kinetic Sand christmas present ideas for kidsWow! This is some clever material here…sand that sticks to itself! This means is can be made into all kinds of shapes without losing its form. It won’t stick to you either as it’s made of 98% sand and 2% Polymers so it will only attract itself. Almost like magic! This Kinetic Sand promises hours of fun.

Very tactile and even squeezable which means you can really get creative. This version comes with a sand box and 4 moulds. Excellent fun and hours of creativity to be had and a rightful entry into the Top Ten Toys For Christmas 2015.

7. 3D Magic 3D Maker
3D Magic 3D Maker top 10 christmas toys 2015Another toy that would confound us all a few years ago….a 3D maker! You draw onto one of the 5 moulds with the magic gel pens, put the mould into the 3D creation station, wait 2 minutes, connect the resulting pieces together with the magic pens, put back into the creation station, wait 2 minutes and hey presto! 3D right in front of your eyes. OK, my description doesn’t do it justice, but take a look at the examples here of the 3D Magic 3D Maker.

This would be perfect for the young person who loves crafting or the producer who likes seeing an end result after their work. Creating their own ideas instead of using the moulds will really get their minds working overtime!

8. ‘My Friend Freddy’, Teddy Bear
My Friend FreddyTeddy bear top ten christmas toys 2015Hooray! A good old fashioned Teddy Bear makes the top 10…who’d have thought it? Well…not quite. This bear with the yellow mohican can be programmed with an app (Apple App Store or Google Play) from your smart phone and will be able to talk to whoever owns him.

Simply type in 50 questions about your little one (you don’t need to answer them all). Freddy will then incorporate these details into the things he says. Young un’s will be amazed that their bear knows all about them.

There are also 3 levels of learning so Freddy the Teddy can grow along with your little one.

Teddy in the Top 10…Yay!

9. Shopkins ‘Scoops’ Ice Cream Truck Playset
Shopkins Scoops ice cream truck playset top 10 toys for christmas 2015Now, I have no idea what Shopkins are, so why are they on the list of Top Ten Toys for Christmas 2015? They’ve suddenly come to my attention whilst writing this Christmas top 10 list! Apparently, they’re super cute, fun and small and you can collect over 100 of them. Some are ultra rare too. So rare, I have no idea what they look like!

Still, I’m sure there are those of you who know all too well what they are and what they look like and if there’s an Shopkins ice cream truck in the Top 10 Chritmas gifts for kids 2015 list then I must come out from under that rock more often! I suspect these little characters are more for little girls than for boys, but who knows…I certainly don’t!

10. LeapPad Platninum Tablet
LeapPad Platninum tablet top toys for christmas 2015
This is more in my line of intrigue…a LeapPad Platinum tablet. This ‘for-youngsters’ special is the first rung on the ladder of technology. It has a 7″ display with Wi-Fi and is aimed at ages 3-9. It’s crammed full of educator-approved games, books, videos, music and more.

It’s also a tough tablet with a shatter proof screen and wrap around bumper to ward off bumps and crashes.

The LeapFrog Leap Pad Platinum also comes with front and back cameras, video recorder, music player and kid-safe web browser along with many other features.

If I had a youngster (mine’s all grown up now) of five or six years of age, this would be number one on my list…heck, I might even get one for myself!
So, there you have Hamley’s Top Ten Toys For Christmas 2015. There are bound to be many more top 10’s just around the corner, but this looks a pretty good list and it does come from a company who know their beans.

What do you think should be in the Top Ten Toys For Christmas 2015? Let me know in the comments below and I can produce a Christmas Crackered Top 10 from real people’s ideas.

Personally, I think any Star Wars gear will be a HUGE hit this year!