Vintage Christmas Ads – How Things Have Changed!


Looking back on some of these vintage Christmas ads gets me all, well…nostalgic.

I was born in the 60’s, but my favourite memories of Christmas come from the early 70’s…Wizzard and Slade were top of the charts and a new bike was on my Christmas list every year, and it always seemed to snow on Christmas Day.

The adverts from that time, if I remember correctly, mostly came from Woolworths and signified the real start of Christmas for me. It’s now the Coca Cola lorry wending its way through snow tipped Christmas trees or an eye watering costly 10-minute ad with a moral message from John Lewis!

Back in the 70’s it was Kenny Everett, Nicolas Parsons and a host of Soap Opera characters smiling inanely into the camera proffering the latest toaster that was high on every mums list! (NOT!)

I also remember adverts for Old Spice, Brut and Charlie claiming to offer the irresistible whiff every adult must reek of this Christmas!

I wanted a Chopper bike…and got one (yellow) after years of badgering my parents. I also had a collection of ‘Action Men‘ with tanks and an assortment of clothes for tackling the back garden. I even had one that talked if you pulled a string from his chest. “Range – 2000” was one of his more understandable quotes, I believe?

Boys playing with dolls, eh! Who’d have thought that would have caught on, but it did. We knew how to play in those days…a playing card attached to your bike wheel spokes by a peg kept us occupied for hours!

Thinking of the old days got me searching the web for old adverts from days gone by and it brought back some great memories, but the champions of advertisements, the good-old-U-S-of-A, totally rocked when it came to Christmas marketing and vintage Christmas ads. Those who are a bit ‘PC‘ might want to look the other way!

Just look at the startling array of ads in the Vintage Christmas Ads link below.

<< Vintage Christmas Ads Here >>

Did you cop Ronald Reagan cheerfully advertising Chesterfields? Or how about this one from the man with the bag?


Photo Source – clotho98
Last thing we want on a Christmas morning is a disguarded fag-end in the Poinsettia. Still, times were different then and we forget that this was the norm in those days.

Today we get CGI and toys that confuse anyone over the age of 40. Have you see the Sphero Droid? That would have been nailed as witchcraft when I was a lad!

All telly marketing will become vintage Christmas Ads eventually, of course, but it’s hard to see last years John Lewis epic being termed as old hat. I bet Tom and Barbara Good didn’t think selling the Polaroid camera, and all its wizardry, would be looked upon as vintage 30-odd years ago…but it is!

Remember last years John Lewis Christmas advert? Just in case you forgot, here it is:


Whatever they come up with for 2017 will undoubtedly be the best yet. Christmas Crackered will of course be there to see it and share as soon as it hits the streets.

Are there any Vintage Christmas ads you can think of from way back in the 70’s? Perhaps the Space Hopper? Or maybe the Evel Knievel toy that ungainly shot off in the distance (10 feet if you were lucky!)

Ah, but they were good days!