Zat You Santa Claus – Louis Armstrong

zat you santa clausZat You Santa Claus by Louis Armstrong is in my all-time top 10 Christmas songs ever released! I only discovered it around 6 years ago when going through Christmas videos on YouTube…and I couldn’t stop listening to it!

It’s been on my annual compilation Christmas hits ever since, I can’t compile one without including Zat You Santa Claus somewhere on the track playlist.

Originally released by Louis Armstrong & The Commanders way back in 1953 it has been covered several times since…not surprising really for a 60+-year-old old track that has everything a Christmas song should have!

Zat You Santa Claus encompasses the mystery of the man in the red suit sneaking around the house on a cold and blustery winter’s night. Louis Armstrong’s gravelly voice makes the song a happy one which has yet to be bettered in my opinion.

There have been some very good versions of Zat You Santa Claus, my faves are below in video form, the first one being the original, but I do prefer the slightly ‘tampered-with’ version which gives the song a heavier feel and is second in the list below.

Zat You Santa Claus – Louis Armstrong Original

Other Versions

The next version is my favourite version of the song. It’s almost the same but with a heavier feel to it. I also like the video mash-up with Louis Armstrong and the cartoons.

The next version I like is by The Brian Setzer Orchestra played live at one the popular Christmas shows (wish I could get a ticket one year!). If you get a chance, the whole show is worth watching because it’s nothing but Christmas songs all the way through…and they’re ALL good!

This version of Zat You Santa Claus below is new to me this year, but I love it! It’s sung by Stephanie de Bruijn who has released cover versions of many songs on her YouTube channel. She hasn’t posted anything for a while which is unusual because she has a voice like velvet!

Those are just four versions I enjoy every year and I’m surprised I hadn’t even heard of the song before 2006?

To set the Christmas scene, just play any of the above versions of Zat You Santa Claus and look at the tree below. If you don’t get that ‘Christmassy feeling…even if it’s the middle of July, you’re not a real Christmas fan!

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